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Sabbatical Winner Project Descriptions 2019

Presentation of Sabbatical/Leave Recipients 2019

Blake Frank
The proposed goal for the sabbatical is to finalize the development and validation of four qualitative analysis dictionaries that are currently in various stages of development. The ultimate goal is the publication of articles detailing the dictionary development and validation process for the four areas of inquiry: Critical Thinking Skills, Student Evaluation of Teaching, Adult Attachment Theory, and Brand Personality.
Jenny Gu
Jenny’s research project focuses on “Too-Big-To-Fail, Credit Ratings, and the Dodd-Frank Act.” This work is an extension and expansion of her doctoral work on bank opacity. She will also be starting a new project entitled “Corporate Governance and Prediction of Repurchase.”
Richard Peregoy
Rich’s work will focus on exploring the cross-cultural community of interest in Spirituality and Wuity. Both are universal ethical constructs rooted in the natural law. Spirituality and mindfulness are well known in Western academic constructs while Wuity (from Daoism) and meditation being an Eastern construct is less studied in the West.
William Atto
William will be comparing the political philosophies of Orestes Brown, a leading Catholic American intellectual of the nineteenth century, and Woodrow Wilson. A primary area will the the question of Brownson’s supposed influence on Wilson’s conception of Government.
Janette Boazman
Janette’s projects are united by her scholarly interests in Catholic education and serving gifted populations. In particular, she will be working on a series of six books on gifted learners for the National Catholic Education Association. She will also be working on a White Paper for gifted children for the NCEA, and a national research study.
Daniel Burns
Dan’s leave will allow him to enrich his research on the history of political thought through the pursuit of personal and practical experience. He will spend the year working in a noncareer position in the federal government. He is applying for fellowships designed to give selected political scientists inside experience of the public-policy process. He will also be looking for paid noncareer positions suited to an academic on temporary leave (e.g., at the State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom).
Cathy Caesar
Cathy will join other researchers in a book project concerning the writings of critic and author Lucy Lippard. Lippard is renowned for her insight into some of the seminal art movements of the mid to late twentieth-century. Her sabbatical will entail research at the Smithsonian Archives. In addition, she will use her time at the Archives to work on a related project, focusing on a series of photographic works produced by artist Lynda Benglis between 1973 and 1974.
Scott Churchill
The primary purpose of Scott’s sabbatical is writing a book on “Phenomenological Analysis,” part of a book series on qualitative research to be published by the American Psychological Association’s “APA Books”. In addition, he will complete a major article on Husserlian method for the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology. Finally, he will complete five issues of The Humanistic Psychologist for which he serves as Editor-in-Chief.
Robert Scott Dupree
Scott’s sabbatical has two major foci, the first a volume of unpublished essays by Louise Cowan, part of a series planned by Bainard Cowan. The second is a book tentatively entitled Cities on Paper, a study of the influence of literary visions of the city upon city planning.
José Espericueta
The title of José’s project is “Mapping Mestizo Narratives: Sixteenth-Century Evangelical Discourses and the Histories of Pre-Conquest New Spain.” This project will provide the foundation for a book that examines the mestizo-authored histories of pre-Hispanic Mexico in light of sixteenth-century historical and evangelical discourses.
Andrew Glicksman
Andrew is extending his sabbatical for the spring semester into a leave to complete an investigation of the links between OT Lady Wisdom and the Holy Spirit in the early Christian tradition up to the fourth century. This book project may end up as part of the Notre Dame University Pres series, Reading the Scriptures.
Andrew Moran
Andrew is taking a full year’s sabbatical to complete a book on Shakespeare’s comedies provisionally entitled Shakespeare Ludens: Figurative Language and Comedic Modes as Play Elements.
Greg Roper
Greg’s full year sabbatical projects include a slim, practical, hands-on guide to Argumentation, using the material and experience from the Argumentation class he has offered the past couple of years, a revival of the Stasis Theory, a popular work on contemporary progressive education, and working on a plan for a new undergraduate major in Liberal Learning.
Phil Shore
Phil’s proposes to create and complete a significant body of artworks for two solo museum exhibitions in the spring and fall of 2020. The spring show will be held at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, and the fall exhibit is at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.