Biblical Greek, Concentration

The concentration in biblical Greek prepares students for unmediated study of the New Testament and the Church Fathers. Offered by the Department of Classics, the concentration comprises coursework in patristic Greek and Scripture.

Concentration Requirements

To concentrate in biblical Greek, students must take five courses, namely: CLG 2315 Intermediate Greek, CLG 3334 Biblical Greek Readings, CLG 3335 Patristic Greek, and two approved advanced courses in Scripture.

Featured Faculty

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Teresa Danze, Ph.D.

Teresa Danze Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Classics

Phone: (972) 721-5368


Office: Anselm #101

David Davies, Ph.D.

David Davies Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Classics, English

Phone: (972) 721-5213


Office: Braniff Graduate Building #366