Catholic Teacher, Certificate

The Catholic Teacher Certificate of the University of Dallas prepares students to meet the pedagogy requirements for teaching in Texas Catholic schools set by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. The program comprises 18 credit hours and offers emphases in elementary or secondary education.

What you need to know about the Catholic Teacher Certificate:

  • The CTC certifies distinctive preparation for teaching in Catholic schools at the elementary or secondary level.
  • Rooted in educational research and church doctrine, courses are offered in foundational pedagogical knowledge to guide teachers in the integration of Catholic values and effective teaching.
  • Students gain practical experience in Catholic school classrooms with Catholic school mentors.
  • Students are invited to become members in the University of Dallas Catholic Cohort, a community of practice supporting the growth and continuing education of Catholic school teachers.
  • The Catholic Teacher Certificate can count toward the fulfillment of some of the credit hour requirements for additional graduate programs at the university, or toward the fulfillment of some of the requirements for the accredited Texas Teacher Preparation Program for full Texas teacher certification. 

Are you called to be a Catholic school teacher?

Teachers in Catholic schools have a unique responsibility. They are called to be well prepared in subject matter and Catholic values and to integrate those values into their teaching. The Catholic Church relies on these teachers to deliver a Christian education that integrates the insights of faith into all teaching and learning experiences, in all content areas. They are charged with the formation of the whole child and guide students by both word and deed to develop and enrich their human knowledge through the light of faith. 

Ready to take the next step? 

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