Graduate Assistantships

Neuhoff School of Ministry Graduate Assistantship

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The Neuhoff Graduate Assistantship is an opportunity to develop professional, academic, administrative and pastoral skills associated with pastoral theology. The ministry school offers two part-time assistantship positions (20 hours/week) to students enrolled full-time in a graduate program offered by the Neuhoff School of Ministry.

Each assistantship is offered on an annual basis and is renewable for a second year with application and approval of the Dean. 


  • Full tuition scholarship for up to ninteen (19) credit hours each academic year.
  • Opportunity to develop professional academic, administrative, and pastoral skills associated with pastoral theology.
  • Annual stipend

Application Process

The Neuhoff graduate assistantships are open to current graduate students and incoming applicants. Incoming applicants to the Neuhoff School of Ministry must have completed the entire application process before being considered for an assistantship. NOTE: An in-person or phone interview may be required. 

To apply:

Eligible candidates need also to apply to the Neuhoff Graduate Program if not already an admitted student.


Have Questions? Contact the Coordinator of Graduate Enrollment at 972-265-5814 or at