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Matthew Post, Ph.D.

Dr. Post is Associate Dean of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.


Ph.D., Politics / Institute of Philosophic Studies, University of Dallas, 2015
M.A., Political Science / Carleton University, 2003
B.Hum., Liberal Arts / College of the Humanities, Carleton University, 2000

Academic Appointments

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Humanities, Sept. 2016–present
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, University of Dallas / Irving, TX

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Politics and Philosophy, Jan. 2015–present
Constantin College, University of Dallas / Irving, TX

Lecturer of Political Philosophy, 2010–2014
Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts / Bratislava, Slovakia

Lecturer of Political Science, 2011–2013
The Center for North American Studies, Economic University of Bratislava / Bratislava, Slovakia

Lecturer of Philosophy, 2010–2011
Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences / Bratislava, Slovakia

Sessional Lecturer, 2009–2010
Sprott School of Business, Carleton University / Ottawa, ON, Canada

Adjunct Instructor of Politics and Philosophy, 2007–2009
Constantin College, University of Dallas / Irving, TX

Teaching Assistant, 2000–2002
Carleton University / Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional Experience

“Applying the Quality Matters Rubric” (Online Workshop on Online Course Development). Quality Matters:, Aug. 2016.

“Tradition and Innovation: An inquiry into fundamental questions of politics, morality, and the human condition in texts from antiquity to modernity” (Seminar Series). Columbia University and the University of Chicago, Jun. 2016.

“Civic Seminar” (Faculty Seminar). Bringing Theory to Practice Initiative under the auspices of the Association of American Colleges & Universities. Aspen Wye River Conference Center, Queenstown, MA, Nov. 2011.

Recent Courses

HUM 6325 The Ancient World
POL 1311 Principle of American Politics 
POL 3331/5303 Plato’s Republic
POL 3338/5308 Marxism & Russia
PHI 3331 Philosophy of Being

Research Interests

Ancient Political Philosophy, Classical Education (etc.)-- this text not the same as what appears in "Research Areas" on the faculty page

Selected Publications

Forthcoming: “Socrates’s ‘Art of Turning’ as an Education in Prudential Thinking,” in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Core Texts in a European Context, ed. Emma Cohen de Lara and Hanke Drop (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2016).

“The Foundations of ‘Our Culture’: A Review of Three Works on Liberalism and Rights,” in Interpretation 42, no. 3 (Spr. 2016): 477–494.

“Unity, Identity and Otherness in Hegel’s Account of Life-and-Death Struggle,” in Affectivity, Agency and Intersubjectivity, ed. Peter Šajda (Paris: Éditions L’Harmattan, 2012).


“Selected Issues Surrounding the WikiLeaks Cables Leak: Is transparency a legitimate, practicable or even desirable goal for diplomacy? And, what are the consequences of operating as a stateless organization?” (Keynote). U.S.–French–Croatian Ambassadorial Debate, organized by Eurozine, Zichyho Palác, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Oct. 2010.

“When is Moderation a Virtue? On Love and (Self-)Domination in Plato’s Phaedrus.” University of Dallas, Irving, TX, U.S.A., Feb. 2009.

“Beauty and the Erotic in Platonic Political Philosophy.” University of Dallas, Irving, TX, U.S.A., Nov. 2007.

Awards & Honors

• Cowan Fellowship, 2014 (US $20,000/year)

• Hillman Fellowship, 2007–2008 (US $23,500/year)

• Earhart Fellowship, 2005–2007 (US $31,500/year)

• Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2002 (CAN $15,000/year)

• University Scholarship, Carleton University, 2000–2001

• Entrance Scholarship, Carleton University, 2000–2001

• Clarence C. Gibson Scholarship, Carleton University, 1998–2000

• Faculty Scholarship, Carleton University, 1996–1997

• Ontario Scholar, 1996