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Classical Education Scholarships

Scholarships for Classical Education

LaurelThe Classical Education Graduate Program supports classical school teachers through a steeply discounted tuition rate of $435 per credit hour. This amounts to $15,660 for the 36-credit Master’s and MA programs, which is $10,260 off the full price of Braniff tuition, with fees, and $7,830 for the 18-credit Certificate of Classical Learning. Costs can be further reduced with a scholarship.

**Note: We are currently accepting new scholarship applications only from students actively taking coursework in the program.**

Scholarship Details

Tuition Costs Braniff Classical Ed Scholarship*
Tuition per Credit Hour $685 $435 $255
Fee per Credit Hour $35 $0 $0
Total Tuition & Fees, MA & MHM (36 credits) $25,920 $15,660 $9,180
Total Tuition & Fees, Certificate Program (18 credits) $12,960 $7,830 $4,590

* Example of the most typical scholarship. Numbers are approximate.

Scholarships are open to continuing students. Scholarships are awarded based on several criteria, including strength of application, student status, student need, and availability of funds.

Note: All scholarship recipients must take coursework in the semester immediately following the semester of their application, and remain active students in good standing. The conditions of this status include, but are not limited to: status as an active student according to Braniff Graduate School, maintenance of a 3.0 GPA or higher, enrollment in and completion of at least one for-credit course two out of three semesters of the year, a minimum of course withdrawals, incompletes, and absences, and the timely submission of an annual scholarship renewal application.

Scholarship Application

**Note: We are currently accepting new scholarship applications only from students actively taking coursework in the program. Do not submit an application until you have already completed at least one full semester of coursework. In other words, you are not eligible to apply until your second semester of coursework.**

To be considered for a scholarship, send an e-mail to with the subject “Classical Education Scholarship Application” and the following two items in one document, attached in .docx or .pdf format, with the document title "[Last Name, First Name] Scholarship Application":

  • A statement including each of the following, if applicable: your name; current UD ID#, the name of the school and school network in which you are employed; your past and current positions at your school, the status of your application for, or your progress in, the Classical Education Graduate Program, your affirmation of your intention to complete your program and participate in all required aspects of that program, and an expression of financial need or explanation of how a scholarship will help you complete the program.
  • An essay of no less than 400 and no more than 1,000 words answering the following questions: What is classical education, and why is it important? Who and what—including friends, thinkers, books, and political and cultural movements—have inspired your interest in classical education? How do you see yourself contributing to the renewal of classical education in your community?*

Note: while this essay must be original, if applicable you may reproduce in it portions of materials required for your application to the program, including your statement of purpose, intellectual autobiography, and writing sample. Note that applications to the program and scholarship applications are entirely distinct and you may apply for a scholarship before applying to the program itself.

Scholarship applications are accepted each semester. Note: you must begin coursework in the semester immediately following the date of your application.

Scholarship Renewal

Current scholarship recipients submitting an annual renewal application must follow the same process as the origina scholarship application (above), via an e-mail to with the subject “Classical Education Scholarship Renewal Application” and these two items in one document, attached in .pdf format, with the document title "[Last Name, First Name] Scholarship Renewal Application." In place of the essay described above, students submitting renewal applications should submit an essay of between 400 and 1,000 words, drawing from their coursework of the past year, evaluating the Classical Education Graduate Program and speaking to how it has contributed to their understanding and practice of classical education. Note: portions of this essay may be used for external and internal promotion, recruitment, and/or fundraising. Due dates for this re-application are the same as those below. (If you previously applied for the June 15 deadline, your re-application is due by June 15 of the following year.)

 The due dates are:

Fall: June 15
Spring: October 15
Summer: March 15

Contact with any questions.