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Certificate of Leadership

Certificate of Leadership

As an alternative to the 30-credit-hour Master's program, students may earn a Certificate of Leadership. The 12 hours of course work consist of:

Required Courses (2)

LDRS 5320 The Craft of Leadership
LDRS 6320 Critical and Strategic Thinking or MANA 8310 Strategic Management

Elective Courses (2)

LDRS 5330 The Ethics of Leadership
LDRS 5340 Thinking in Time
LDRS 5350 Storytelling as a Mode of Thinking
LDRS 6310 Leading through Adaptive Challenges
LDRS 6360 Spiritual Leadership
BUAD 6305 The Effective Leaders
MANA 7395 Ethical Dimension of Leadership

or from Specific Content electives approved for the University’s program in Leadership – for example, ENG 5313 Thomas More, HIS 5309 American Military History, PHIL 5301 Business Ethics, POL 6381 Machiavelli, or PSY 6338 Social Psychology


A Record-Setting North Texas Giving Day

After calculating totals from yesterday's North Texas Giving Day (NTGD), the University of Dallas will retain its unofficial title as the most generous university in North Texas. UD ranked first among all colleges and universities, and sixth among nearly 400 schools, for both total funds raised and number of gifts received, thanks to the generosity of our community.

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New Scholarships Forge Connections, Open Opportunities

At UD, it is now possible to create a nonendowed, named scholarship with a minimum commitment of $20,000, which may be payable over up to four years. Recently, three families have done just this in order to forge a connection and provide needed aid to current students.

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