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As of student in the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts you can depend on being connected with bright and ambitious students, resourceful and acclaimed faculty and a helpful and knowledgeable staff. While you're here, we encourage you to engage with your professors, classmates and the services of the school. Feel free to browse this site as there are many people and places right here on campus that will enhance your learning experience. 

Academic Calendar

Find out precisely when classes begin by accessing the university's academic calendar, updated each academic year.

Typically, classes begin at the following times throughout the year: 

  • Fall semester: late-August
  • Interterm: Christmas break
  • Spring semester: mid-January
  • Mayterm: mid-May
  • Summer I: early-June
  • Summer II: mid-July


Each program is assigned a graduate director for advising.

Before you are able to register for courses, you will need to have your graduate director approve your course listing.

1. For a preliminary listing of suggested courses for new students, please refer to the registration instructions per academic program. Note that this is a suggested list only, and final approval of your courses will be given by your graduate director.

2. Complete and submit the "Braniff Graduate School Advising Form” located at the Registrar's Student Forms webpage at: (There is a place on the form for comments if needed.) Based on the program entered, the form will automatically be routed via email to the appropriate Graduate Director/Advisor.

3a. If the form is approved, your advisor will forward the form via email to (You will be copied on this email using the email address submitted on the form.)

3b. If the form is not approved, your advisor will forward the form via email to your email address with advice about what to change. If this happens, you will need to reply to the email with agreement or communication regarding the requested change. Once this is finalized and agreed to by both you and the advisor via email, the advisor will forward the form and communication regarding the approval to

4. Once the Registrar's Office has received the approved form, the holds on your registration will be removed and confirmation sent via email.

5. Proceed with online registration for courses.

Please note: for those courses that are registered for by paper only, i.e., Thesis/Doctoral Research and Directed Readings, the printed email of the form approved by your advisor can be attached to the registration form and substitute for the Graduate Director’s signature.

Banner Web

"Banner Web" is the online portal through which University of Dallas students register for classes and update their personal information (like mailing address).

Banner Web Login Instructions:

  • Go to  Place the cursor over "Menu" in the upper right corner, select "My UD," select “Banner Web,” and click on “Register for courses, update your personal information.” Or, click here.
  • Enter your user ID, which is your 9-digit UD ID number which was sent to you in a separate email.  Your initial pin is your birth date in numerical form, i.e. "mmddyy." Example: Jan. 5, 1997 = 010597
    • Note:  If this does not work, your birth date may not be in the computer system, so try entering your PIN as the last 6 digits of your ID.
  • You must immediately change to a new PIN, which must be 6 - 15 alphabetic and numeric characters (no special characters).  To do so, re-enter your birth date and then enter the new PIN twice, as prompted. Remember this PIN for subsequent logins.
  • Enter a security question and answer. The question and answer have no relationship to the PIN.  If you forget your PIN, the system will use the security question to allow you to enter a new PIN.
  • For subsequent logins, the User ID is your UD ID number and the PIN is the newly created PIN.
  • If you don’t remember your PIN, enter your 9-digit ID as above, leave the PIN blank, and then click the "Forgot PIN" button.  The system will ask you your security question.  When you have answered it correctly, it will prompt you to create a new PIN, which must be 6 - 15 alphabetic and numeric characters (no special characters).
    • Note: You are allowed only a certain number of attempts before the system disables your login, so don’t “guess” your PIN more than 4 times before using the “Forgot PIN” button.  Otherwise, you will be locked out!

Cyber Security Note: Do not give other people your PIN.  By using your Banner Web account, you accept responsibility for financial and academic consequences.  The system records the actions you have taken via the web. If you give out your PIN, you are also accepting responsibility for whatever the other person does to your account!  It is important to EXIT the BROWSER (not just exit Banner Web) when you are finished. Otherwise, another user can simply use the browser back-arrow to enter your record without having to log in.

Braniff Graduate Student Association

Braniff graduate students are encouraged to participate in "BGSA," the Braniff Graduate Student Association. Find out more about BGSA.


Search for and purchase your textbooks at the University of Dallas Bookstore.


The "University Bulletin" is the official resource for UD information (program requirements, course descriptions, general school info, etc.). Access your online copy. A hard copy can also be obtained from the Braniff Graduate Office, located in the Braniff Graduate Building, 1st floor.

Campus Map

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students who are degree-seeking, taking 6 credit hours or more and who do not have discounted tuition. Visit the financial aid webpage to find out more.

Graduation Info

Library Resources

Meningitis Vaccine Policy

Students under the age of 22 must also provide proof of immunization from meningitis prior to enrolling for the first time at the university. 

Parking Permit

A parking permit is required for parking at the University of Dallas. You can obtain your parking permit from the Campus Safety Office.  

Parking Permit Instructions


Registration Instructions: 

  • An approved advising form must be submitted and approved by the Graduate Director/Advisor before you can register. (For more information, please go to the "Advising" section on this webpage.)
  • Registration dates: Spring '18 registration opens on Nov. 7, 2017 and closes on Dec. 15, 2017. Registration reopens on Jan. 4, 2018.
  • Late fees: A late fee of $100 is added when registering too close to the beginning of classes. See the Office of the Registrar for more information.
  • Registration process: Registration is done online through Banner Web. Please review the drop-down menu on "Banner Web" listed above, to learn more about this system.
  • Part-time status: you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours (or two courses) to be eligible for financial aid.
  • First-time registration for courses: Please choose at least two courses from your program, following the registration instructions per academic program.
  • Humanities students: Access the humanities course listing for courses pertaining to the Humanities Program. For new humanities students, please also refer to the registration instructions per academic program.
  • Non-degree-seeking students: The above information on choosing two courses from a course listing does not apply to you. 

You can also view the entire Spring 2018 schedule of classes.


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Student Email Login

Braniff graduate students receive a UD email address, sent in a separate email when they accept their offer of admission. Your username is your 1st initial followed by your last name, and your password is initially your entire UD ID number (also sent via a separate email). You may log in to your email account via check this email regularly, since all correspondence from UD will be sent to this email address.

Student Handbook

Student ID Card

All students are required to have an ID card available upon request. Student ID cards are obtained from the Campus Safety Office, located on the first floor of Haggar University Center. You will need to show a driver’s license or passport. There will be a computer kiosk located nearby, where you can pull up your course schedule, or you can bring a print-out downloaded from Banner Web. This course schedule lists your UD ID#. The ID card is also required for library use.

Tuition Payment

Immediately after registering for classes, please contact Student Account Services to set up payment. Student Account Services phone: 972-721-5144.

UD Calendar

We invite you to engage in life beyond the classroom. You can find a full listing of events and activities on the university calendar

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is located in Braniff 304 and offers individual 30-minute tutoring sessions for UD students working on essays, regardless of the subject or the student's writing abilities.


UD Announces 2018 Distinguished Alumni

The University of Dallas has announced the recipients of the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award -- the highest honor the university can bestow on its alumni. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated sustained and distinguished accomplishments and contributions to any field of human endeavor.

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UD in the Community: Lamberti's Carries On Tradition

Its connection to UD helps the alumnus-owned Lamberti's fulfill its three pillars: local, tradition and famiglia. Lamberti's was the vendor for this year's Groundhog "Party in the Park" celebration; additionally, Lamberti's is looking into carrying Due Santi Rosso wine from UD's own vineyard on the Eugene Constantin Campus.

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University of Dallas Dedicates Cardinal Farrell Hall -- Its New 'Front Door'

The University of Dallas community gathered on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, for the formal blessing and opening of Cardinal Farrell Hall, named after our former bishop of Dallas, previous chancellor and longtime friend of the university, Kevin Cardinal Farrell. The opening of the new student-focused building marks the completion of one of several capital projects, a part of a broader institutional effort to transform the university's Irving campus.

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