2016 Inductees

F. Craig Farrill

F. Craig Farrill, MBA '79

Founder, Kodiak Networks

“UD formed the Christian business worldview I have today — real problems can be solved, and great things can be done; nothing is impossible.”

Prior to founding Kodiak in 2001, Craig Farrill was managing director at inOvate Communications Group, an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on investments in the wireless space. Previously, Farrill served as chief technology officer for Vodafone AirTouch PLC, where he developed and deployed an integrated global technology strategy across Vodafone’s 27 national operations serving 100 million customers. In the 1990s as CTO, Farrill expanded PacTel’s wireless businesses from California to 13 countries internationally and led the $1.8 billion IPO of AirTouch Communications in 1994. Farrill began his career in telecommunications systems engineering in the mid-1970s at Rockwell International’s Collins Radio Group and began working in a cellular start-up in 1980.

Satish Gupta

Satish Gupta, MBA '81

CEO, SB International

“In business, competition is good, and the common metric of winning is making a profit. However, a balance between fair competition and profit must be reached to make our world a better place.”

Satish Gupta founded SB International Inc. in 1981 and has led the organization for over 30 years. He has transformed it from an exporter of ferrous and nonferrous raw materials to a global supplier of prime steel and metal products in the domestic and international markets and one of the largest international product suppliers and processors of pipe and tubing for oil and gas drilling activities.

He has been recognized for multiple business and entrepreneurship awards in the Dallas community. Gupta holds a degree in economics from Loyola College in Chennai, India, and an MBA in international trade and management from the University of Dallas. He serves as a trustee of the Southwestern Medical Foundation in Dallas. Gupta founded the Gupta Agarwal Charitable Foundation to support education, public health, medical research and the promotion of diversity and cultural awareness. He has been a key supporter of the Primary Care Clinic of North Texas and the Greater Dallas Arya Samaj (GDAS) Cancer Clinic.

Yasmin Gupta

Yasmin Gupta, MBA '82

Executive Vice President, SB International

“Believe in your own strengths, your own potential and your own ethical and moral values. This will take you a long way along your path to success in the business world.”

Yasmin Gupta provides business administration leadership to several corporate departments at SB International. She holds a degree in public relations from Stella Maris College in Chennai, India, and an MBA in international trade and management from the University of Dallas.

Gupta is a founding director of State Bank of Texas, a local bank in DFW, and continues to serve as a member of the board and on various committees. She has been involved with several community organizations including the Girl Scouts, United Way, Chinmaya Mission, DFW Indian Cultural Society and Primary Care Clinic of North Texas, a system of three nonprofit health care facilities providing medical care to uninsured adults in DFW since 2003.

Don Hutchins

Gordon “Don” Hutchins, MBA '75

President & CEO, Fusion

“Be a risk taker. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Take the risk, do your best, and learn from whatever happens.”

Prior to serving as president and chief operating officer of Fusion, a publicly traded cloud services technology company (NASDAQ:FSNN), Don Hutchins was president and CEO of SwissFone, a $100 million international telecommunications carrier. He was also president and CEO of STAR Telecommunications, an $800 million international telecommunications carrier, where he led the company’s restructuring following the filing of its bankruptcy petition.

Hutchins founded and served as president and CEO of GH Associates, a management consulting firm, where he consulted with over 100 small and large telecommunications companies throughout the world. As an entrepreneur, Hutchins founded Telecom One and TCO Network Services, both of which were subsequently purchased, by Broadwing Communications and Winstar Communications respectively. As an active spokesperson for the industry and for competition, Hutchins was also a founder of the Association of Communications Enterprises (now COMPTEL) and the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA).

Heather Kreager

Heather Kreager, MBA '03

CEO, Sammons Enterprises

“The college of business taught me the importance of culture in business, how to be competitive and aggressive while maintaining your integrity.”

In addition to being the chief executive officer of Sammons Enterprises Inc., Heather Kreager serves on the board of directors and as chairwoman of the executive committee. Additionally, Kreager is president and CEO of Sammons Equity Alliance, which oversees Sammons’ investments in real estate, financial services, power and other sectors. She serves as chairwoman of Compatriot Capital, directing the business strategy and capital allocation for Sammons’ real estate sector. Kreager joined the company in 1985 and served as general counsel for Sammons Enterprises Inc. and Sammons Communications Inc. Kreager has served on the board since 2008. She was appointed CEO of Sammons Enterprises in 2014.

Richard Long

Richard Long, MBA '85

Founder, Valley View Consulting

“Approach your personal life with integrity and balance to ensure happiness, satisfaction and success — not just a rewarding career. A successful personal life complements any career achievement.”

Richard Long’s extensive background in Texas public entity investment management , which includes responsibility for over $3 billion of public funds. He is actively engaged in public funds investment legislation; investment policies and strategies; cash flow-based investment portfolios; eligible investment options; appropriate asset allocations; investment transaction settlement and safekeeping procedures; bank service agreements; and arbitrage rebate regulations.

Long founded Valley View Consulting LLC in the fall of 1998 and became registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment adviser firm effective January 1999. In previous capacities, Long also originated corporate, asset-backed and tax-exempt securities, managed a government trading operation, and distributed both public and private securities. He earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration degree in finance from Colorado State University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Terry O'Halloran

Terry O’Halloran, MBA '83

CEO, Air Distribution Technologies

“Go in early, stay late. Always volunteer for the hard jobs. Be patient, and don’t get in a hurry for a promotion. It will come.”

Terry O’Halloran was chief executive officer of Air Distribution Technologies, with approximately $1 billion in sales revenue. In June 2014, Johnson Controls purchased Air Distribution Technologies, and O’Halloran became vice president and general manager as the company was assimilated into the Johnson Controls portfolio.

O’Halloran has extensive experience as a senior executive in the HVAC industry, including serving as chief operating officer at the former Tomkins Building Products Group, as well as group president of the air systems division, and he has been the operating president of each of the core businesses. He was also president of Ruskin Company, president of Air System Components and president of Hart & Cooley.

O’Halloran has served on two private equity boards since 2010: the Remuneration Committee and the Health Safety and Environmental Committee. O’Halloran is a United States Marine veteran. He earned his MBA at the University of Dallas and his BBA from Texas Wesleyan University.


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