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David Fiegenschue

David Fiegenschue

David Fiegenschue

Bachelor of Arts 1976
Graphic Designer


MFA Studio Art/Printmaking
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
1976 BA Studio Art/Printmaking
University of Dallas, Irving, TX

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A person with a "liberal arts" kind of background is typically able to think, adapt, and learn whatever they may need during the actual process of working. They are often better equipped to solve clients' problems since they have a lot to draw on, aren't discouraged by obstacles, and can synthesize information in effective ways. That is why I believe my education from UD is so valuable.

Fiegenschue launched FigDesign in 1986 after managing Marketing Services at Future Computing, a market research company later acquired by McGraw-Hill. His background includes a BA from the University of Dallas and an MFA from TCU, both in Printmaking. He has developed and taught design courses at Brookhaven College, lectured at the University of Phoenix, and taught a course on Self Promotion to graduate art students at the University of Dallas.