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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Associate Professor Stefan Novinski

Come and see Shakespeare’s most iconic play in a dark and stylish contemporary production directed by associate professor Stefan Novinski.

Considered by many to be Shakespeare’s finest play, Hamlet is a touchstone for our times. Containing the most complete psychological portrait of a human being in the whole of world theatre.

 From the first report of his father’s ghost to the final corpse-strewn scene, Hamlet epitomizes the word “drama.” Shakespeare’s wit, playfulness, and linguistic skills are at their most honed. Everything Shakespeare does well in other plays he does brilliantly here. His characters are at their most human, his language is at its wittiest and most inventive.

Hamlet“ Hamlet is a touchstone for our times, mixing family, politics and revenge with an exquisite exploration of love and the deepest questions facing humanity. In this dark and stylish contemporary production, Hamlet will be performed by senior Drama major, Samuel Pate ”- Stefan Novinski