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Tammy Leonard, Ph.D.

Dr. Tammy Leonard is an Associate Professor of Economics, chair of the Economics Department, and Co-director of the Community Assistance Research (CARE) initiative at the University of Dallas.  She specializes in interdisciplinary applications of public, urban and behavioral economics along with advanced spatial and econometric analysis methods.  Her research work focuses on a variety of outcomes relevant to low-income populations. Dr. Leonard is also a research fellow of the Texas Hunger Initiative.  Outside of work, Dr. Leonard does her best to keep up with her busy family and enjoys running, playing sports with her kids, being out in nature, and family time.

Areas of Expertise

Public, Urban, Health and Behavioral Economics
Programs and policies affecting low-income populations


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University
M.S. & Ph.D, Economics, University of Texas at Dallas

Recent Courses

Economics Required Courses
Principles of Economics
Statistical Methods
Intermediate Microeconomics

Economics Elective Courses
Quantitative Economics
Industrial Organization
Experimental Economics
Health Economics

Selected Publications

McKillop, C., Leonard, T., Pruitt, S., Tiro, J.  In Press. Do traditional economic theories of free riding behavior explain spatial clustering of HPV vaccine uptake? SSM: Population Health

Zhang, L., Leonard, T.  2018. Flood Hazards Impact on Neighborhood House Prices. J of Real Estate Finance & Economics. 58(4):  656-674

Zhang, L., Leonard, T., Dias, R. 2017. Foreclosed and Sold:  An Examination of Community and Property Characteristics Related to the Sale of REO Properties.  Urban Affairs Review. 53(5):  924-949.

Leonard, T., Jha, N., Zhang, L.  2017.  Neighborhood Price Externalities of Foreclosure Rehabilitation: An Examination of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  Empirical Economics. 52(3):  955-975.

Leonard, T., Ayers, C., Das, S., Neeland, I., Powell-Wiley, T.M. 2017. Do Neighborhoods Matter Differently for Movers and Non-Movers?:  Analysis of Weight Gain in the Longitudinal Dallas Heart Study.  Health & Place. 44: 52-60.

Leonard, T., Hughes, A.E., Pruitt, S.L. 2017. Understanding how low-socioeconomic status households cope with health shocks:  An analysis of multi-sector linked data. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 669(1):  125-145.

Leonard, T., Powell-Wiley, T.M., Ayers, C. Murdoch, J.C., Yin, Wenyuan, Pruitt, S.L. 2016. Property Values as a Measure of Neighborhoods— An Application of Hedonic Price Theory.  Epidemiology. 27(4):  518-524