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Carmen Newstreet, Ph.D.

Dr. Carmen Newstreet is an Associate Professor of Education at the University of Dallas where she prepares teachers for service in diverse settings, including teaching courses in the history of American education and principles of teaching in the secondary schools.  She spent 17 years teaching social studies in the Florida public school system.  In higher education she worked as Associate Graduate Faculty at Florida Atlantic Education in the doctoral program and as an online facilitator for Broward Virtual University.  She completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on reading instruction at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), M.Ed. in Multicultural Education at FAU, and B.A. in Political Science at Emory University.  She is certified to teach Social Studies in Texas and Florida, and holds endorsements in Gifted Education, Reading, and English Speakers of Other Languages.  She is Nationally Board Certified.

Dr. Newstreet contributes to her discipline by serving as a table leader at the annual Advanced Placement Human Geography reading.  She acts as a consultant on secondary teaching best practices with Bishop Dunne Catholic School in Dallas and has served as a consultant for gifted programming with Broward County Schools in Florida.  She is a reviewer for Social Studies Research and Practice, a scholarly, peer-reviewed online journal for P-16 social studies research and practice manuscripts, lesson plans, reviews, and issues related to higher-level learning outcomes.  She is a member of the National Council for the Social Studies.

She has conducted research with practicing teachers about the benefits of study abroad for high school students in building cross curricular connections and global citizenship skills.  Her literacy work includes a focus on culturally responsive instruction in the K-12 classroom and instruction of Shakespeare in the modern secondary classroom.  Dr. Newstreet is passionate about providing secondary students accomplished teachers and challenging curriculum, enabling them to become active citizens in our global society. 


  • Ph.D.   Curriculum and Instruction
                Florida Atlantic University
  • M.Ed.   Foundations of Education
                 Florida Atlantic University
                 Endorsement: English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • B.A.      Political Science
                 Emory University, Atlanta
                 Certification: Secondary Social Studies

Professional Experience


  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
                 Certification: Early Adolescence Social Studies/History
  • Certified in the State of Texas
                 Social Science Grades 4 - 8
  • Certified in the State of Florida
                 Social Science Grades 5 - 9
                 Social Science Grades 6 - 12
                 Endorsement: English for Speakers of Other Languages
                 Endorsement: Gifted
                 Endorsement: Reading

Recent Courses

  • EDU 3111/3112 - Principles of Secondary Education Practicum
  • EDU 4346 - Principles of Secondary Education
  • EDU 4848 - Clinical (Student) Teaching Supervision
  • EDU 5351 - History of American Education
  • Advisor and Primary Supervisor for the Education Concentration

Selected Publications

  • Newstreet, C. & Rackard, J. (2017) “High school study abroad:  what do world history students really learn?” under review.
  • Sarker, A. & Newstreet, C. (2015).  “Exploring Multiple Perspectives and Fostering Critical Literacy Through Children’s Literature Text Sets.”  2016 Literacy Summit Yearbook.  60-67.
  • Newstreet, C. (2012).  Reading Strategies in Secondary Social Studies:  Teacher Reported Practice and Professional Development. (Doctoral dissertation).
  • Newstreet, C.  (2008).  "Paul Revere Rides Through High School Government Class:  Teacher research and the power of discussion to motivate thinking.”  The Social Studies.  99/1, 9-12.


  • Sarker, A. & Newstreet, C.  Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Conference, presentation - Engaging Readers and Developing Empathy for the Marginalized through Exploring Children’s Literature Text Sets, November, 2017.
  • Newstreet, C. & Boazman, J.  University of Dallas Excellence in Education Conference, poster presentation – So, You Want to Be a Teacher?, April, 2017

  • Newstreet, C. & Sarker, A.  National Council for the Social Studies 96th Annual Conference, presentation - Teaching Empathy: Exploring Multiple Perspectives through Children's Literature Text Sets, December, 2016.

  • Newstreet, C. & Rackard, J.  National Association of Gifted Children: 63nd Annual Convention, roundtable presentation – Study Abroad and High School Gifted Social Studies Curriculum:  Accelerated and enriched!, November, 2016.

  • Sarker, A. & Newstreet, C.  Texas Association for Literacy Education Conference, presentation - Using Children’s Literature Text Sets to Foster Critical Literacy, February, 2016.

  • Newstreet, C. & Rackard J.  National Association of Gifted Children: 62nd Annual Convention, roundtable presentation – Quantum Leap: Shooting for the Stars in High School, November, 2015.