Philipp W. Rosemann, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosemann, who grew up in the town of Paderborn in northwestern Germany, received his undergraduate education at the University of Hamburg, before obtaining a scholarship to work at the University of London's Warburg Institute. From there, his nascent interest in medieval scholasticism took him to the Department of Scholastic Philosophy in Belfast, where he earned a Master's degree and started his teaching career. The culture of Northern Ireland -- its warmth, the almost sacral Christian society, but also the so-called "Troubles" -- left a deep impression on him. When the head of the Department of Scholastic Philosophy, the late Professor James McEvoy, received an appointment at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium, Rosemann became one of his assistants there while working on his own licentiate and, then, his Ph.D. After his graduation, an opportunity arose to spend a year at the newly founded Uganda Martyrs University, where he had to leave scholasticism behind to teach such topics as African Philosophy and Political Philosophy. The experience of living in a non-Western culture, and a former colonized country at that, proved life-changing.

Dr. Rosemann has been at the University of Dallas since 1997. In recent years, his main interests have revolved mainly around the twelfth-century theologian Peter Lombard and his famous Book of Sentences; the book series he edits, Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations; and the task of rethinking the Christian tradition in light of the challenges of contemporary philosophy.

Recent Courses

Phi 3343 From Ancient to Medieval Philosophy
Phi 5100 Proseminar
Phi 6331 Text Seminar: Ratzinger, The Theology of History in St. Bonaventure
Phi 7381 DR/Michel Foucault
HUSC 4341 Tradition of Innovation
IPS 8352 Hegel, Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky (with Dr. Debra Romanick Baldwin)

Selected Publications


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