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Leo Paul De Alvarez, Ph.D.


Ph.D University of Notre Dame, 1970
B. A. University of California, Santa Barbara, 1957

Research Interests

Thucydides, Politics & the Bible, Shakespeare, Aristotle & Plato, Machiavelli

Selected Publications

The Machiavellian Enterprise: A Commentary on The Prince.
   De Kalb, IL: Northern Illinois Press, 1999

Edited Books
  Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, and American Constitutionalism.
  Irving, TX: University of Dallas Press, 1980.

Translated Books

Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, with Introduction, Notes and Index.
Irving, TX: University of Dallas Press, 1980; reprint, Waveland Press, 1989.

"Nature and the City: Timon of Athens." In Shakespeare as Political ThinkerEnlarged 2nd Edition, eds. John Alvis and Thomas G. West, 177-202. Wilmington, DE ISI Books, 2000.

"Biblical Allusions in the Comedy of Errors." In Law and Philosophy: Practice and Theory, eds. William Braithwaite, John Murley, and Robert Stone. Ohio University Press, 1991.

"The Constitution and American Character: The Framers' Views." In Constitutionalism in Perspective: The United States Constitution in Twentieth Century Politics (Constitutionalism in America, Vol 3), ed. Sarah Thurow, Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1988.