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Students & Athletes

Report COVID symptoms

Students please call the Health Center 972-721-5322 and complete this form.
Employees with symptoms should complete this form.

Groundhog's Guide to Health

Cleanliness Steps

Learning Remotely

Return To Campus

  • Classes: Classes will return to in-person instruction and on-campus residential living for the fall semester beginning August 13, although high-risk students will have the option to learn online. For those opting to return to campus, a number of health and hygiene protocols will be in place to ensure protection of our UD campus community.
  • Shorter Fall Semester: A modified Fall Semester calendar has been adopted with classes beginning one week earlier, on August 19, and ending on November 24. View the Updated 2020-2021 Calendar.
  • Residential Student with COVID-19: If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she will be isolated in a designated space on campus, or in overflow space off-campus. The student’s parents/family will be contacted immediately. Meals and health care services will be provided while the student is isolated. Students who are isolated with COVID-19 will be closely monitored to ensure their needs are being met and to monitor their recovery process. For symptomatic cases, re-entry into campus life will be permitted after at least 3 days have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without use of fever-reducing medications, improved respiratory symptoms), and at least 10 days have passed since COVID-19 symptoms first appeared. For asymptomatic cases, re-entry into campus life will be permitted 14 days after the positive test date.
  • International travel: Per the CDC guidelines, anyone who has travels internationally is required to quarantine for 14 days upon returning before fully participating in campus life, including attending in-person classes. Students may fulfill this quarantine in their residence hall (e.g., you may move into your dorm room and then shelter in place for the duration of the quarantine). If you are student who has travelled internationally before returning to campus, you should contact Julia Carrano ( as soon as possible so she can ensure you have adequate support for completing your quarantine.

Personal Safety Protocols

  • Masks: Face masks or coverings are required at all times in University buildings, unless you are in your own residence hall room alone or with just your roommate, eating, or working in your own office or cubicle. Masks are also required outside if you are closer than 6 feet from any other person. If you are eating outside, you must be six feet away from all people due to the fact that masks must be removed when eating. 
  • Hand-washing / sanitizing: Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and / or use hand sanitizer, especially after sneezing or coughing or touching a high-contact object like a doorknob or computer. Please cover your coughs and sneezes with your arm, and avoid touching your face.
  • Social distancing: Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet to minimize exposure. Also, please be mindful of instructions and directional signs for entering buildings, classrooms, and other common university areas.
  • Testing: All residential students are required to take a COVID-19 test, either on campus or at home within seven days of arrival prior to their return to campus and prior to admittance in on-campus housing. If a residential student tests positive for COVID-19 he/she will not be permitted to move into University housing. Students will also be subject to random testing through the course of the semester to continue to monitor the existence of COVID-19 on campus. This includes commuter and graduate students who attend in-person classes. More information regarding the randomized testing will be coming from the Health Clinic shortly.
  • Personal thermometer: We request that all students bring a personal thermometer with them to campus, and that all students monitor their health condition daily by evaluating whether they have COVID-19 symptoms, such as those recognized by the CDC. The University will provide no-touch thermometers in dormitories and in the Student Health Center.

Student Support

  • Health Center services: The Health Center will continue to provide health services for all UD students. The Health Center will hire additional medical technicians and work with Dallas County Health and Human Services to assist with essential services and contact tracing for the duration of the fall semester.
  • The Health Center is located on the second floor of Haggar and can be reached at 972-721-5322.
  • Questions: Please contact Julia Carrano (, Dean of Students, should you have any requisitions regarding student services. 

Residential Student FAQs

Please refer to the Residential Student FAQ page.

Dorm Rooms

Students will continue to live in double rooms across campus. The University has reduced the number of students in freshmen triples and quads, but has maintained them in Clark Hall because there exist individual rooms within the suites. Furniture in each dorm room will be placed in a configuration that enables social distancing as much as possible and excess furniture will be removed.

Classrooms & Classes

  • Classroom layouts have been modified such that there will be six feet of distance between all students and professors whenever possible. The distance between students in small groups will be increased as there is more conversation.
  • For contact tracing purposes, there will be assigned seating and mandatory attendance-taking in each class.
  • Eating and drinking will not be allowed in classrooms, and masks must be worn for the entirety of the class.
  • Five extra minutes will be given between classes for cleaning and spacing. Students will be encouraged to allow the first five minutes after class for sanitizing and leaving in a safe fashion and the last five minutes will be for entering the classroom.
  • Directional signs for ingress/egress: The University will place signs for entrance and exit into each classroom to allow for more social distancing when entering and exiting.


Phased Plan for Closing Campus

We will have a phased plan for closing down various aspects of campus life should the need arise due to an increased incidence of COVID-19. With the potential for sudden changes to the semester schedule, if you are a residential student, we strongly encourage you to limit what you bring to campus. If the need arises to go entirely online during the semester, you may be asked to pack up your belongings quickly. As you pack, please keep that potential in mind, focusing on bringing necessary clothes, technology, and toiletries.

Financial Aid and the COVID-19 CARES Act

Here is additional information as it relates to the University of Dallas and its receipt of funds through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF).

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Policy Enforcement

The university strives to take an educational approach to violations of COVID-19 policies and regulations. When a situation rises to the need for a violation to be taken through the conduct process, the following rubric will be used for the alleged violation. Please understand that, at any time, the Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to alter, update, or forego any of these sanctions.

1st violation $25 fine
2nd violation $50 fine
3rd violation Reflection paper/Educational workshop
4th violation* Student Affais Probation I (may include additional sanctions)

*Further violations may result in loss of university privileges or additional disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion.