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Groundhog Library


The Groundhog Library

The Groundhog Library is a student-led initiative that provides textbooks for students in need.  Founded in 2019, the library is a collection of more than 200 textbooks available for students in core and upper level courses.

Current Officers

Founder Edisson Ramos
President Nathaniel Riddle
Vice-President J C Salinas


By the students for the students, the Groundhog Library will be something which will allow students to leave a real legacy behind them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Groundhog Library?

The Groundhog Library provides textbooks to students who need them.

Who qualifies to receive textbooks?

Every student at UD is available to receive books. However, students who are in need will be able to have priority over textbook availability. Qualification in order for students to be prioritized will be handled by UD financial aid. Those students will be able to get their textbooks before all books are open to the all students. Meaning, if you are a priority student, you can grab any textbooks you need before we open to the public. After this window, every book is first come first on the basis of availability. If you need the book, and we have it, it’s yours—no questions asked.

How do I checkout a book?

If the Groundhog Library has a textbook you need, grab the book and head to front desk of the library. Here you will need to present your student ID and the book is yours for the semester? This is the same process as checking out any book from the UD library.

Can we keep the books?

Students may use our textbooks for the whole semester completely free. However, when the semester is over, or you no longer need the book we will need to ask for the all textbooks to be returned. We wish everyone could keep the books, but in order for more students to continue to benefit from this, we ask that you give the book back when you’re done. Again, there aren’t any late fees or caveats associated with the books you receive. Use them as long as you like, all we ask is that you give them back before the semester ends so other students can use them in the future.

Do I need to sign up to receive textbooks?

All you require to checkout is books is a valid University of Dallas ID. You will use this to check the books out. Any UD student is able to benefit from the Groundhog Library.

Where can I checkout these books?

We are located inside the University of Dallas Library. Location for the days of events will be relayed to students when they happen.

Can I see what books are available before I come to check them out?

Yes, you can. All books are catalogued with the same system the UD library uses. Just like you would look up any book you want to check out for the library you can look up for the Groundhog Library. For example, if I want to check out the Iliad by Homer. I would type that in the search bar. Here you will be able to see book availability. You will see a list of books; simply search for the title and edition that you need. Click on the title and you will be able to see if it is available and if you can check it out.

Where can I find news and more information on the Groundhog Library?

What are Groundhog Library events?

At the beginning of every semester, we will be hosting a book check out day. During this day our team will be working the whole day to make sure everyone gets the needed books. If you miss the event, you can still check out books. Just ask the front office for our officer information and they can help you get whatever text you need. We will also host a book checkout event before mid-terms for any student who needs books mid-semester.

What are Groundhog Library book drives?

Nearing the end of a semester, if anyone has textbooks, they would like to donate we will be hosting an event where students can do so. Also, if you can’t make the event, there is a permanent place to donate located in front of the UD Library. It will be labeled “Groundhog Library, please leave donations here”'

How can I help?

  • Become a club member.
  • Follow us on social media.
  • Tell your friends and spread the word to other students.
  • Become a club officer (contact any executive member for more information)
  • Volunteer to help on event days.
  • Donate your textbooks to our cause. All textbooks donated will be catalogued and available to check out for all students.
  • Donate monetary donations through UD Advancement. Link is below. (NOTE: Donations can be made by clicking "other" on the drop down menu and designating the gift to The Groundhog Library.)

Is the Groundhog Library part of the University of Dallas?

The Groundhog Library is part of the University of Dallas’ Club and Organizations.


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