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Distance Education Policy

Distance Education Policy

The Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library is committed to assisting our distance education students with their research needs.  Distance education students are entitled to request that library materials or electronic files of articles or chapters be mailed to their home for their use.  A student must live at least 25 miles away to be considered a distance education student. For more information on the library's distance education resources visit our Distance Education Resources guide.

Procedures for Distance Education Library Item Requests

For books and other physical items such as DVDs/CDs:

Please call 972-721-5329 or email and provide the title(s), author(s), and call numbers on hand as well as  first name, last name, valid mailing address, and University of Dallas ID number.  Circulation staff verify enrollment and set up a library account if needed then pull the materials requested if they are available and check materials out to the distance education student's library account.  Circulation will then give the materials to the Interlibrary Loan department which will mail them to the student with a return mailing label.

For articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings:

Please call 972-721-5329 or email and provide journal title(s), article title(s), volume/issue number(s), article or chapter author(s), and page number(s) as well as first name, last name, preferred email address, and  University of Dallas ID number.