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MicrocredentialsWhat are MiniMasters?

MiniMasters, also called microcredentials, are cost-effective, skill-based qualifications designed to provide you with knowledge, skills and abilities that can be immediately applied in a specific area. Stand out in today’s competitive and fast-paced business landscape with real graduate level courses without the financial and time commitments of a full degree.

Intended for working professionals, courses are offered in the evening, on weekends, or online. Get recognized faster; there is flexibility to start a MiniMasters in the fall, spring or summer semesters.

Credly Badge MiniMasters offer immediate value to current employers and demonstrate mastery of in-demand skills to potential future employers. Further your expertise, improve your confidence and enhance your job prospects today with MiniMasters from the University of Dallas.

If you decide to pursue a masters degree, courses completed in the MiniMasters program can be used as credit toward your degree.

MiniMasters Offered at UD:

NOTE: Students receive a verified graduate credential (digital badge) from the University of Dallas after acheiveing a B- or better in all courses required in a given sequence.

business administration
  • Leading Ethical Change -  Required courses: Business and Society, Data Analysis for Decision Making, and Effective Leader, or equivalent.
  • Business Analyst - Required courses: Accounting for Managers, Managerial Finance, and Management of Operations, or equivalent.
  • Business Strategist - Required courses: Global Strategy, Managing Complex Organization, and Value Based Marketing, or equivalent.
  • Financial Accountant - Required courses: Intermediate Financial Accounting I, Intermediate Financial Accounting II, and Business Ethics for Accountants, or equivalent.
  • Assurance Services - Required courses: Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, and Cost Accounting courses, or equivalent.
  • Tax Strategist - Required courses: Income Tax I, Advanced Auditing, and Accounting Research Methods, or equivalent.
Business Analytics
  • Data Analyst I - Required courses: Data Analysis for Decision Making, Quantitative Methods, and Data Visualization, or equivalent.
  • Data Analyst II - Required courses: Python & R Programming Concepts, Advanced SAS Programming, and Big Data Analytics, or equivalent.
  • Data Modeler - Required courses: Forecasting Methods, Predictive Modeling, and Advanced Business Analytics, or equivalent.
  • Cyber Operations - Required courses: Compliance & Legal Issues, Operational Cybersecurity Management, and Network Security, or equivalent.
  • Cyber Defense - Required courses: Penetration Testing & Vulnerability, Digital Forensics, and Strategic Cybersecurity Practicum, or equivalent.
  • Financial Analyst I - Required courses: Accounting for Managers, Intermediate Financial Accounting, and Managerial Finance, or equivalent.
  • Financial Analyst II -  Required courses:Intermediate Managerial Finance, Corporate Valuation, and International Financial Markets, or equivalent.
  • Portfolio Manager - Required courses: Investments, Derivatives, and Portfolio Management, or equivalent.
  • Leading Ethical Change - Required courses: Business and Society, Data Analysis for Decision Making, and Effective Leader, or equivalent.


Gain a Graduate Degree

Students who receive one of UD’s MiniMasters may apply all credits towards a UD master’s of science or MBA program at any time.

Use MiniMasters to stack up to a MS or MBA:

  • Reduce student debt by building your degree at a pace that works for you.
  • Gain actionable knowledge that benefits your company, your team and your career.
  • Tackle challenging curriculum in bite sizes. Start your next MiniMasters when you’re ready - without needing to start over.


Start Your Application

Why MiniMasters at UD?

  1. Master-level classes and classmates
  2. Small class sizes taught by UD professors, not a 3rd party or teaching assistants
  3. Quick to complete & cost-effective
  4. Can combine multiple minimasters to earn a graduate degree

How do I display my MiniMasters?

All MiniMasters are awarded a digital badge that can be shared and verified online. MiniMasters can be displayed with a special digital badge on LinkedIn accounts and on a personal resume or CV. Through Acclaim, your accomplishment can be verified and recognized internationally by employers and hiring managers. Learn more about accepting your MiniMasters badges and adding badges to your LinkedIn profile.