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Academic Success Staff

Matthew Spring, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Success and Seven Arts of Language

Dr. Spring received his Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Dallas in 2015, at which point he began working as the Director of the Seven Arts of Language Program. He's been a student, mentor, writing tutor, writing instructor, and English Professor at UD since 2009; served as a Peace Corps Volunteer at Xihua University in Sichuan, China; taught ESL and composition courses at the middle school, high school, and college level; and worked as the Residence Director for Upward Bound and the Assistant Director of Tutoring for Puerto Rican Youth Development.

Joe Cole

Academic Success Adviser

Joe holds a master of arts in TESL/TEFL from Northeastern Illinois University and a bachelor of arts in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago.  He has lived and taught abroad in South Korea, China, and Turkey for over ten years.  He was a United States Department of State English Language Fellow in 2017 at Ondokuz Mayis University in Samsun, Turkey.

Graduate Student Mentors

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

Alex is a first-year doctoral student in philosophy at the University of Dallas. He holds M.A.’s in philosophy and theology from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, as well as a B.A. in philosophy and a B.M. in music performance from the University of Maryland, College Park. His predominant academic interest is in the field of phenomenology, and he has a special appreciation for classical music. He loves helping students discover the intrigue of the philosophical life as well as helping them develop their own styles of critical thought.

Peter Tardiff

Peter Tardiff

Peter graduated in 2021 from Wyoming Catholic College with a BA in Liberal Arts, and is studying for a PhD in Literature at the University of Dallas. He is interested in language especially as it is used in rhetoric and poetry.

Tony Deng

Tony D

Tony is a doctoral student in Politics at the University of Dallas. He holds a M.A. in the social sciences from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Politics and International Studies from the University of Melbourne in Australia. He studies predominantly political philosophy, and is interested in the problem of modernity, namely of what limits ought to attend man's conquest of nature. Besides growing up in Australia, he has also lived and studied in Hong Kong and Paris. 

Juraj Nevjestic


Juraj Nevjestic is a first year student in the IPS Philosophy PhD program.  He received his B.A. from the University of Chicago in 2013 in Philosophy.  Between graduation and his enrollment at UD, he taught philosophy to middle and high school students for three years, and worked at Catholic Charities Fort Worth Street Outreach Services and the North Texas Office for Refugees.  His philosophical interests include questions in moral philosophy, epistemology, and the philosophy of art.  Besides this, he enjoys working with students to develop their own voice and learn the principle of charity.

Hannah Rogers


Hannah Rogers holds a B.A. in Classics and Literature from Baylor University and taught 6th grade for two years before beginning her PhD in Literature at the University of Dallas. She is interested in studying narrative techniques in modern literature and enjoys helping students take joy in writing and reading.

Chris Richard

Chris R

Mr. Richard is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at University of Dallas. He received his B.A. in Philosophy with a French minor from The Catholic University of America and his M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. He has over eight years of teaching experience in the fields of philosophy, literature, rhetoric, drama, and classical voice. He has a passion for teaching young people. His philosophical research treats of the metaphysical implications of the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl.

Grace Burleigh

Grace B

Grace is a current MA student in English, having just graduated from UD in May 2021 with BAs in English and French. Her academic interests center around British and French literature, as well the philosophical concepts of aesthetics, existentialism, and Christian humanism.


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