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The Tutoring Center

What we do: Academic departments on campus and the Tutoring Center offer hundreds of hours of FREE tutoring & academic support each week in both the humanities and sciences, including business, chemistry, computer science, economics, history, languages, math, philosophy, physics, politics, and theology.  The Fall 2021 Graduate Mentor appointment page can be found here.

Where we are: Want to find a tutor? Check out our tutoring schedules here. For the subjects that we cover at the Tutoring Center (not all are covered at the Tutoring Center) we are located in Braniff 104, on the first floor, near the Constantin Dean Offices. 

Writing Lab - UD has a very helpful Writing Lab, offering individual 30-minute tutoring sessions for UD students working on essays, regardless of the subject or the student's writing abilities. After each session, the tutor sends a Writing Lab Report to the professor who assigned the essay, summarizing the session and suggestions. The Writing Lab is open Sunday through Friday, with appointments available as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 10:00 p.m. A tutoring session may be reserved by signing up for an appointment online here

Tutor Advice Video Series: 

Click below for advice from our own Peer Tutors!

Selected presentations from past Academic Success offerings:

Additional Resources

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Writing Colloquia--Helpful Writing Advice from UD experts.

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