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Tutoring Schedule

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Academic Success Resources:

Appointment with Academic Success Staff

You can make an appointment to meet with Mr. Bryan De La Cruz by clicking here or to meet with Mr. Joseph Cole by clicking here. PLEASE NOTE that when these appointment slots pop up, you'll need to scroll up to see morning offerings. 


UD offers undergraduate tutors specializing in Philosophy, Business, Finite MathPolitics, Spanish, German, French, ItalianAncient Greek, Latin, Math, StatisticsPhysics, Economics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, History, Theology, and Psychology. *Unless otherwise stated, times are in Central Standard Time (CST)* PLEASE NOTE that when these appointment slots pop up, you'll need to scroll up to see morning offerings.

                            To make an appointment with a tutor, click on the subject name above!
                            Ask your tutor for online options!
                            For instructions regarding tutoring appointments, click here.
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Reading Lab:

Academic Success Mentors are PhD students specializing in Politics, Philosophy, and Literature. They are available to join you in the reading of Core texts and they are more than happy to support you in your in-person and virtual learning. If you are interested in securing an appointment with a Reading Lab Tutor, please email Mr. Bryan De La Cruz at

Writing Lab:

To read instructions regarding In-Person and Virtual Writing Lab appointments and to make an appointment with a Writing Lab Tutor, click herePLEASE NOTE that when these appointment slots pop up, you'll need to scroll up to see morning offerings.                                  

Library Online resources can be found by clicking here.

Additional Resources

Grammar Exercises Tied to English Department Common-Errors Sheet  

Optimal Work--a website designed by a UD graduate to help you transform your approach to challenges.

UD Counseling Center

Writing Colloquia--Helpful Writing Advice from UD experts.


Tutoring and academic support are an important part of the assistance offered to UD students at no cost. While you should always see your professors as the subject-matter experts in the courses they offer, we hope that our tutors can supplement what they provide.

UD's Core curriculum is a rigorous undertaking that seeks to broaden students' intellectual and moral horizons through the study of primary works of western culture and civilization. These texts give us glimpses into the past while helping us shape our future pursuits. UD has created an integrated system of support to assist students as they delve into these rich texts.


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