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Cor Fund

The Cor Fund — Nourishing the Heart of UD

 [ cor: noun, Latin — the heart ]

UD’s annual fund, the Cor Fund, is the lifeblood of the University of Dallas. Annual unrestricted gifts to the Cor Fund provide a crucial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual costs to deliver a quality UD education, directly affecting students and our outstanding faculty.  Most importantly, a gift to the Cor Fund allows the University to respond to the most pressing financial concerns and provide the flexibility to seize unique and important opportunities that serve UD’s vital mission. 

Simply put, your contribution will be used to do the most good.

Hear from UD alumni and students firsthand about the importance of the Cor Fund:

Why give to the Cor Fund?

The Cor Fund supports our university’s greatest needs: competitive student scholarships, faculty research and enrichment, speakers providing intellectual engagement, and recreational activities to nourish the mind and body as well as the soul.

Will my gift make a difference?

Yes. Each gift to the Cor Fund, regardless of size, has an immediate and tangible impact on our students and faculty. Here are a few examples of how your gift can make a difference:

  •   50 gifts of $25 fly a student with financial need to Rome.
  •   8 gifts of $50 buy books for one student for one semester.
  •   3 gifts of $250 create an equipment grant for a faculty member or department.
  •   4 gifts of $400 cover a summer semester for a student with financial need.

Did you know 96% of students receive scholarships or financial aid from the university in order to attend?

What is a pledged gift?

An important goal of the Cor Fund is to increase alumni participation through pledged giving. Pledged gifts are gifts that are spread out over multiple payments. Five-year pledges are the preferred giving method for alumni and friends because they offer steady support for the ongoing and vital efforts of the university.