Student Health Insurance

Student Insurance

All domestic full-time undergraduate students are required to have medical insurance, either coverage provided from home or through the University endorsed plan.  Each year, all degree-seeking full-time undergraduate students and international COB graduate students who have an F1 or J1 visa are automatically enrolled in the university sponsored student insurance plan.  There is no student health insurance plan offered to domestic graduate students at this time.

Participation in the annual insurance plan may be waived by enrolled fall students directly with the insurance company upon successful completion of an online waiver form. There is no 'paper' equivalent for this waiver form. This is an annual process. Waivers submitted for previous academic years do NOT count towards the upcoming academic year.

If you successfully submit an accepted annual waiver by the fall deadline, then you will NOT need to complete one for the Spring term.  However, fall students who do not waive by the fall deadline are not eligible to waive in the spring.  Only newly enrolled spring students (or continuing students returning from a fall leave of absence) are eligible to waive by the spring deadline.

The Annual online waiver deadline for the 2019-2020 academic year is September 16, 2019.   The waiver deadline for new spring 2020 enrollees is February 10, 2020.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

To assist students with meeting this requirement, Academic HealthPlans has again been selected this year to administer the Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by National Guardian Life (a Cigna company). Students who have comparable health insurance coverage can waive out of this plan using the instructions below until the published waiver deadline.  All waivers must be completed ONLINE only.  A paper form is not available. Students who do not waive the student health insurance plan by the deadline date will be automatically enrolled and the charge locked in on their student bill.

Please visit this web page to view information about coverage details (see 'Benefits') or to find action links at the top of the page -

If you wish to KEEP the insurance and would like to ‘LOCK in your coverage prior to the waiver deadline, click on the ‘Enrollment’ tab at top of the web page and follow those instructions. Should you ‘enroll’ early, you will not be charged again since the cost has already been billed to your student account in the Business Office. This process will expedite your enrollment and simplify any early claims including processing of prescriptions.

If you wish to WAIVE (you do not want the student health insurance plan because you have your own insurance) follow these directions below

  1. Have a copy of your current insurance card in front of you and have your University of Dallas student ID number.
  2. Go to
  3. Select the ‘Waiver’ tab.
  4. Select the ‘Click here to submit the DOMESTIC Student Waiver Request’ link. 
  5. Login to the system by using the following:\
    1. Login – Student ID #. Please use your University of Dallas Student ID.
    2. Password - Date of Birth in MMDDYYYY format. (Ex: 01012000)On the home page, click on the red waiver button found under the "NO, I do not want the insurance." section.
  1. Enter your insurance information.
  2. Select the ‘Submit Waiver’ button at the bottom of the waiver form.

Upon successful completion, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on the screen. A confirmation of receipt email will also be sent to your UD email address.  Waiver submissions are not automatically approved.  Keep an eye on your UD email for official updates on your waiver submission.   Additional information may be requested.  When you receive an email that your waiver status is ‘verified’, that is when the corresponding charge is removed from your student account in the Business Office.

This is an annual process. Students wishing to waive coverage must do so EACH year. This is NOT a paper process and is done entirely online. 

Absence of a successfully completed waiver form by the deadline date implies your acceptance of the program and related charges.

Students who are officially enrolled in the student insurance program may click HERE for instructions on how to set up personal accounts for easy access to claims information,  membership ID card, etc.   A quick overview of policy benefits for domestic students is available for viewing or downloading from this web page.  Information for F1 visa international students is available HERE.

 The University of Dallas Student Health Center now bills all health insurance plans.