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Current International Students

Now that you enrolled and attending classes at the University of Dallas, there are still many issues related to your status or your special circumstances for which you can turn to the International Student Office.  You may have questions about vacations, traveling home or to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean; when can you work and where; what if you change your program, your major, add a concentration; what do you do if you get sick and need to see a doctor; how do you renew your drivers license and many more.

Maintaining F-1 Status

Every F-1 student must comply with the following guidelines in order to maintain his/her legal status. Failure to maintain status can result in severe consequences.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is provided by an Aetna Student Health Insurance policy.

Annual Vacations

F-1 students are eligible for one Annual Vacation per calendar year. Students on the traditional calendar have "summer" vacation.  Students on the trimester calendar can have annual vacation following two consecutive terms of full-time enrollment.

How to get a Driver's License

If you are going to drive a car in Texas while you are a student, you are required to get a Texas Drivers License.

Reduced Course Load

Federal regulations permit an F1 student to drop below full-time or enroll in fewer credits than required for a limited period of time for specific medical or academic reasons.

Tax Filing Obligations for F-1 Students

Learn about the annual filing obligations that apply to ALL F-1 students. 

Travel/Automatic Visa Revalidation

With some restrictions, Automatic Revalidation allows for re-entry to the U.S. after a temporary visit to Canada, Mexico or an adjacent island with an expired US visa in your passport.