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Office of the Provost

Message from the Provost

Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D.Welcome to the University of Dallas! The University of Dallas as a whole—in its faculty, students, administration, staff, board, alumni, benefactors and friends—is dedicated to the cultivation of truth, wisdom and the other virtues. That is why we exist. We are organized around the convictions that the universe is ordered from one source, that this ordered universe is intelligible, and that we find fulfilment through making progress in understanding it in its parts and as a whole. As St. John Paul II observes, “a Catholic University is distinguished by its free search for the whole truth about nature, man and God. The present age is in urgent need of this kind of disinterested service, namely of proclaiming the meaning of truth, that fundamental value without which freedom, justice and human dignity are extinguished.” (Ex corde Ecclesiae Int., 4) As a Catholic university we recognize that all wisdom and truth begins and ends with the Creator who loves us, and we have at our disposal a long tradition of learning, a tradition that draws from non-Christian as well as Christian sources in weaving together a coherent whole that we call the Catholic intellectual tradition. That tradition is no staid and stodgy thing. It is living, a tree with roots and a clear pattern of growth. Our tradition is a source of creativity, ingenuity, and new discovery, as well as continuity and rootedness. It is foundational to every degree program at the University, undergraduate and graduate, liberal and professional. That tradition guides us in our actions and obliges us not only to strive for understanding but also to dedicate ourselves to enriching the lives of others, to live lives dedicated to advancing the common good in justice and charity.

These convictions find their home in each of our degree programs in the Constantin College of Liberal Arts, the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business, and the Ann and Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry. You will find them animating our renowned study abroad program on our campus just outside of Rome, as well as in the many opportunities for lifelong learning we provide through online programming, off-site seminars and pilgrimages, and on-campus events. You will also find them at work within our vibrant campus ministry and liturgical programs, NCAA athletic programs, student clubs and organizations, and outreach efforts.

As the Provost of the University of Dallas, I have the privilege of overseeing all of our academic programs as well as campus ministry, student affairs, athletics, and various student support services. I invite you to explore our website and find ways to be “enriched by the beneficial experience of university life: the ardent search for truth and its unselfish transmission to youth and to all those learning to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and to serve humanity better.” (Ex corde Ecclesiae Int., 2)