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UDCC Practicum/Internship

Practicum & Internship

Thank you for your interest in serving as an intern at the University of Dallas Counseling Center (UDCC) as your practicum/internship site. We are honored by and greatly appreciate the service you provide to our site, as we believe the interns and their associated programs are an integral part of our patients' healing and success.

Depending on the level of training and education, the interns at the UDCC participate in assessments, treatment planning, and ongoing individual and couples counseling sessions, with options for brief family therapy that may be needed. There are options to develop group therapy and public psychoeducation when possible. We also have a "Support Team" option: live observation by your supervisor and peers with in-session feedback for your work with patients.


The requirements to become a practicum Intern at the UDCC are as follows:  

  • Currently enrolled as a Master-level student from an accredited institution, eligible for practicum/internship placement as assessed by their institution, seeking LPC, LMSW/LCSW, or LMFT clinical tracks
  • The accredited institution has a signed and current Affiliation Agreement with the University of Dallas,
  • Fall and Spring semester commitment, Summer and mid-semesters optional as well,
  • Minimum 3 hours per week of direct hours for practicum students and 10 hours per week for interns.
  • Max 20 hours per week of direct hours,
  • One supervision hour for every ten clinical hours (Individual and Group),
  • 1 hour of training per week,
  • Interns carry their liability insurance, providing a copy of the policy to the UDCC Director,
  • Other potentially specific responsibilities or requirements may be discussed at the interview.

Practice Opportunities & Benefits 

  • Provide direct services to a diverse group of individuals and couples, with options for group and brief family therapy,
  • Provide intake interviews, mental status evaluations, biopsychosocial histories, mental health history, and psychological assessment for treatment planning and caseload management,
  • Techniques and interventions for prevention and treatment of a broad range of mental health issues,
  • Strategies to advocate for persons with mental health issues in the University environment or greater community,
  • Medical Doctors on-site for case consultation, 
  • Supervised exposure and work with the Office of Student Affairs, the Health Clinic, Care and BIT Teams, and Campus Safety Procedures with on-campus Crises, 
  • Collaboration within the higher education community to develop programs and interventions to promote the academic, social, and career success of individuals in higher education settings,
    • Including activities during Mental Health Week, various student group activities, and others. 
  • Strategies to assist individuals in higher education settings with personal/social development,
  • Interventions related to a broad range of mental health issues for individuals in higher education settings,
  • Strategies for addiction prevention and intervention for individuals in higher education settings,
  • Use of multiple data sources to inform programs and services in higher education settings.

Affiliation Agreement

An Affiliation Agreement is a contract implemented between the practicum student Intern's University and a third-party affiliate institution (e.g., the UDCC) to place the University's students in credit-bearing educational experiences such as internships, fieldwork, or experiential learning opportunities at the host affiliate location. An Affiliation Agreement is necessary for practicum/internship programs to allow credit for the work done and for the University of Dallas to allow interns to begin work at the UDCC.

An Affiliation Agreement is a legal document between the two entities and usually requires both parties' legal counsel to review and approve the contract. This process could take as little as two weeks, up to several months. A practicum student intern would need to anticipate the length of this process and plan accordingly. No work can begin until all parties have signed the Agreement.

Affiliated Universities

The University of Dallas Counseling Center currently (as of Spring 2022) has Affiliation Agreements with and is accepting applications from the following University programs (alphabetically).

  • Divine Mercy University
  • Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling at Concordia University Irvine
  • University of Dallas Psychology Department
  • University of North Texas
  • (A few others are in discussions)

A practicum student/intern wanting to work at the UDCC and their University does not have an Affiliation Agreement with the UDCC, the student can inquire with their program and the UDCC Director to see what options they may have to begin the process for an Affiliation Agreement.

Apply to be a Practicum Student/Intern

To apply online to be a practicum student or graduate clinical intern, click here

To apply by written/typed form, click here

All applications may be sent to:

The University of Dallas Counseling Center • 1845 E. Northgate Dr., Haggar 340 • Irving, TX 75062 • 972-721-4045.

Spots are limited. The UDCC will contact eligible interns for interviews.