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Fall Closing

Fall Closing 2023

Wednesday, December 13th: Residence Halls Close at Midnight. - NO EXCEPTIONS!

All residents MUST be out of the halls on this date and absolutely no exceptions are possible. If students are unable to leave Irving by then, private arrangements with local family or friends off campus or with a local hotel must be made.  Residence halls will not reopen for the spring semester until the official opening date of January 14, 2024 .

December 13th is also the check out deadline for spring Romers and other fall residents who are not returning to campus housing for the spring semester.

Hall residents that are remaining in the same locations for the spring semester simply need to complete a "Fall Semester Closing Checklist" and return the form to their Resident Assistant immediately prior to departure from campus at the end of the fall. Failure to comply with instructions on the form may results in fines.

Spring Romers:

Students going to Rome for the spring must check out with their Resident Assistant and complete their Room Condition Report upon fall departure from Campus.  Departing residents must take all personal property home at the end of the fall semester.  No on-campus storage space is available.  Items left behind will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of accordingly. Checkout includes leaving the residential area in a "broom-clean" state. All living areas will be checked and compared to Room Condition Reports. Damages other than normal wear and tear will be noted, and fines will be assessed and billed to students’ accounts.

Campus Apartments:

Fall apartment residents continuing into the spring may remain in their apartments during all or any part of either the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday breaks.  However, if leaving the campus apartment for any extended period, please disconnect electronics and small kitchen appliances.  Thermostats should also be left no lower than 55 degrees in order to prevent frozen water pipes.  

Personal electric accounts for any apartment residents moving out at the end of the fall semester will be discontinued.  Residents must formally check out of the apartment prior to departure at the end of the fall semester.

Additional questions may be sent to