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Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break 2023


Irving campus residence halls will CLOSE for the week-long Thanksgiving break starting at 10:00 AM Saturday, November 18th.  There are no classes that week and no food service will be available on campus.  The halls will reopen at 8 A.M. on Sunday, November 26th.

Hall residents are required to complete a closing checklist (per room) upon departure from campus which will include the below reminders.  Each room is responsible for all items and all departing residents must sign and return the form.  Forms will be distributed by and are to be returned to your RA.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in a $75 Improper Check Out fine. 

  • Unplug computer, lamps, and all other appliances from outlets
  • Take out all trash
  • Lock windows and lower blinds halfway
  • Turn off lights
  • Lock the door

Residents are advised to take valuables home. As stated in the details of your housing contract, The University of Dallas does not assume responsibility for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of personal property kept in any residential area. It is recommended that students insure their own personal property.

Upperclassmen residents in the campus apartments are free to come and go as needed over the Thanksgiving Break.  A visit to the UDPD during office hours is NOT necessary to update ID swipe cards for continued access over the break.  

Athletes required to be on campus for games/practice during this period will receive separate instructions regarding hall access during the Thanksgiving break.  This also applies to F1 Visa international residents.

The Student Health Services Center will not be open during the Thanksgiving Break.

As always, university plans are subject to change should there be a significant health reason to do so or should an unforeseen emergency arise due to circumstances beyond our control.

~Office of Student Affairs~