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Charity Week

Charity Week 2020: More info coming soon!

Check back to this page for more information on Charity Week 2020.

Fr. Thomas Esposito addresses students on the Mall from the top of the Charity Week jail.

Fr. Thomas Esposito addresses students on the Mall from the top of the Charity Week jail.

One of the University of Dallas's many traditions is Charity Week. Led by the Junior class, Charity Week occurs during the fall semester and involves several student-run events, booths and activities that gather the entire campus together to raise money for charity.

Responsible for organizing and managing all aspects of the week, the Junior class has the opportunity to reunite after many of them spent their last year apart, experiencing their Rome semesters in the fall or spring of the previous year. Charity Week offers a chance for leadership, community and giving that is organized by the Juniors and reaches all of the students, faculty and staff. 


University Announces New AVP for Marketing, Communications

The University of Dallas has announced a new assistant vice president for marketing and communications. Clare Venegas, who has over 20 years of executive management and strategic communications experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, begins her new role on Aug. 3.

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Leading Dialogue: UD Engages Global Leadership

Nearly all businesses are affected gravely in many circumstances by today's unsettled economic environment. The anxiety is compounded by uncertainty: How long will the crisis last, and what will business look like on the other side of recovery? Through this adversity, faculty experts in the University of Dallas' Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business are paving a global discussion.

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Professors Co-Edit Book Celebrating Rome Program, Campus

Associate Professor of English Greg Roper, Ph.D., BA '84, and Associate Professor of English Andrew Moran, BA '91 PhD '04, have co-edited a book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rome Program and the 25th anniversary of the Eugene Constantin Campus (aka, of course, Due Santi): "Due Santi and the University of Dallas: Un Piccolo Paradiso."

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