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Groundhog Alumni Events

Official Irving Party

All Alumni are invited to attend the Groundhog party at the Madonna Basketball Courts on campus! Join us on Saturday, February 5st, 2022 at the Party in the Park. 

Regional Events

Want to host Groundhog at your home or a venue of your choosing? Do it! You select the date and location, and UD Alumni Relations will help you to publicize the event to alumni in your area. Regional Groundhog events will be "dutch," meaning that attendees should pay for their own expenses.

City 2022 Volunteer Host Email Venue Date and Time
Austin, TX Kathryn (Hennessy) Heath '14 & Rebecca Kee '14 

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

1305 W Oltorf
Austin, TX 78704


6:30 p.m.

Cambridge, MA Brigid McMahan '14 

Home of Brigid McMahan

*email your host for private address and directions

Washington, D.C. Emily Lataif '16 

Caboose Commons

2918 Eskridge Rd.
Fairfax, VA 22031

5 p.m. EST
Kansas City, KS Ollie Bockwinkel '15, Sheila (Barvick) '92 and Chris Gramling or

Home of Sheila and Chris Gramling

RSVP here to receive the address.

Nashville, TN Michael Fazi '18  

Von Elrod's 

1004 4th Ave. N
Nashville, TN 37219

San Diego, CA Cherie Peacock 

Home of Cherie Peacock

*email your host for private address and directions

6 p.m.