Executive Council and Senate

Student Government

The Senate

 The Student Government senate is made up of elected representatives from the different communities on campus. Senate elections will be held during the first few weeks of the fall semester.

Hall Senator elections will be held during the All-Hall Meetings at the beginning of the fall semester.

Those interested in running for a Class Senator position may pick up a Candidacy Form from the SALC (Haggar University Center).

    • Fall Semester: Candidacy Forms are due by 12 noon on the Friday of the first full week of classes.
    • Spring Semester: Candidacy Forms are due by 12 noon on the first Friday of the semester.

Senate Positions

Residence Halls & Community Senators:

  • Augustine Hall - Ruby Lopez Villalobos
  • Gregory Hall - Isabelle Melendez-Smith
  • Jerome Hall - Michelle Carlson
  • Clark Hall
    • First Floor - Christian Cline
    • Second Floor - Moira Quinn
    • Third Floor - Vincent Phan
    • Fourth Floor - Amanda Ridder
  • Madonna Hall - Straton Garrard
  • O'Connell Hall - Mary Fox
  • Theresa Hall - Henry Jaros
  • Student Apartments - Ellen Rogers
  • Holy Trinity Seminary - A.J. Motte
  • Commuters - Alexa Acquista

Class Senators (4 positions per class):

  • Freshman - Alejandra Martinez, Ella Sullivan, Rose Dougherty, Thomas Mosmeyer
  • Sophomore - Alison Pettyjohn, Elisa Ron, Beatrice Diaz, Deana Ramirez
  • Junior - Tori Fleharty, Abby Knapp, Michael Fazi, Mary Glen
  • Senior - Erika Javier, Jonathan Cunningham, Grace Hernandez, Samuel Pate


Senate Committees

All students are welcome to be members of Senate committees! Contact a committee chair to get involved.

Athletic Support Committee – Co-chairs: Erika Javier and Moira Quinn

Unifies the student body and athletics department by supporting athletics on campus. Contact ejavier@udallas.edu or mquinn2@udallas.edu. 

Campus Improvements Committee – Co-chairs: Alison Pettyjohn and Deana Ramirez

Gathers campus related issues or concerns while keeping contact with Facilities in order to resolve them. Contact apettyjohn@udallas.edu or dramirez3@udallas.edu.

Charters and Appropriations Committee – Chair: Lili Serna

Approves the Constitutions of clubs and organizations on campus and allocated funds to them. Recommend the Student Government budget for the upcoming academic year. Contact studentgovernment@udallas.edu.

Clubs and Orgs Grant Committee – Chair: Mary Glen

Provides additional funds to the university’s clubs and organizations as requested and voted on by the Senate. Contact mglen@udallas.edu.

Constitutional Reform Committee – Chair: Mike Woodrum

Reviews and edits the current Constitution in order to create a working and lasting Constitution. Contact sgtreasurer@udallas.edu.

Dining Services Relations Committee – Chair: Beatrice Diaz

Works to improve communication and relations between Aramark and the student body in order to better cater to the wants and needs of students. Contact bdiaz@udallas.edu.

Elections Committee – Chair: Lili Serna

Conducts all Student Government Elections in accordance to the Constitution and Bylaws. Contact studentgovernment@udallas.edu.

Mentoring Committee – Chair: Annamica Reding

The purpose of this program is to connect freshmen with upperclassmen in order to form relationships that bond the UD community even more closely together. Students sign up on Crusader Connect and are then matched with a mentor/mentee and SG funds one free meeting in the Cap Bar for matches to get to know each other. Contact sgsecretary@udallas.edu.

Seminary Relations Committee – Chair: A.J. Motte

Provides opportunities which will foster community between the seminarians and the student body at large. Contact amotte@udallas.edu.

Senior Committee – Co-chairs: Rachel Parkey and Joey Kelly

Fosters community among the Senior Class. Members serve as liaisons between their classmates and the administration. Their primary project is fundraising and organizing the senior gift. Contact rparkey1@udallas.edu or jkelly2@udallas.edu.

Student Concerns Committee – Chair: Michael Fazi

Dedicated to gathering and receiving any concerns of the student body and delegating them to their respective committee in order for action to be taken. Contact mfazi@udallas.edu.

Student Health Awareness Committee – Chair: Jonathan Cunningham

To address health problems, to promote Student Health, and to establish connection with the different health departments on campus. Contact jcunningham@udallas.edu.

Student Academic Success Committee – Chair: Henry Jaros

Identifies and works toward solving problems related to academics. Contact hjaros@udallas.edu.

Sunday Sundaes Committee – Co-chairs: Michelle Carlson and Ella Sullivan

Fosters community between students and provides a casual environment for senators to interact with their constituents, as well as provides delicious ice cream after 7 p.m. mass. Contact mcarlson1@udallas.edu or esullivan@udallas.edu. 

Religious Concerns Committee – Co-chairs: Deana Ramirez and A.J. Motte

Provides official and specific platform for student concerns as they relate to the religious and faith life of the students. Contact dramirez3@udallas.edu or amotte@udallas.edu.



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The 11th annual Dallas Ministry Conference was held Oct. 19 - Oct. 21, 2017, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas. The event featured two keynote addresses, one in English and one in Spanish, as well as 91 other speakers, who included teachers, members of the clergy, lay ministers, authors and motivational speakers, just to name a few.

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