Senate Committees

SG Senate Committees

Charter and Appropriations Committee
The Charter and Appropriations Committee meets with all clubs at the beginning of the semester, reviews their constitutions and approves their proposed budgets. Chaired by Vice President

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee coordinates the Fall and Spring Student Government elections and makes sure that proper election procedure is followed. Chaired by Vice President

Constitutional Revisions Committee
The Constitutional Revisions Committee is currently working toward making some necessary updates to the Student Government Constitution in order to reflect current SG procedures and practices. Examples of this would be revisions that reflected the current structure of the Senior Committee. The Senate shall offer to the Student Body a final copy of the revisions for ratification at the end of the semester. A Spring 2010 project will be concerned with an update to the Student Government bylaws. Chaired by SG President

Senior Committee
The Senior Committee is charged with organizing and executing the traditional responsibilities of the Senior Class, as well as coordinating with University officials regarding the ceremonies leading up to and including Commencement. Fundingraising for Senior Class activities and the Senior Class Gift is also the responsibility of the Senior Committee. The four senior representatives comprise the Senior Committee. Chaired by Senior Representative

Student Relations Committee
The Student Relations Committee was founded to improve communication between the UD students and SG. Beginning in Spring 2010, the committee will conduct open forums, "Meet your Senator" hours, and other programs to better voice the concerns of the UD student community.

Campus Improvements Committee
The Campus Improvements Committee works closely with Facilities and other relevant university offices to make small improvements around campus for the sake of beautification or user-friendliness. Campus Improvements budget appropriations, calculated at the beginning of each year, are intended to fund these projects.

Residence Hall Improvement Committee
The Residence Hall Improvement Committee represents a unique part of student affairs and student government focus. Each residence hall elects a senator to student government and with that position there is a small amount of money for dorm improvement. The RHI committee has been formed to address concerns larger than the individual appropriations. The committee is dedicated to coordinating residence hall improvement and working with like-minded groups on campus such as the Residence Hall Association and the Student Foundation.

University Relations Committee
The University Relations Committee keeps UD connected to other universities. The committee is especially dedicated to establishing ties with local Dallas universities, both public and private, as well as Catholic universities in the greater state of Texas. The committee offers up ideas for increased collaboration among the students at these institutions, and brings suggested improvements to the Senate based on the practices of other schools.

Faculty and Staff Relations Committee
The Faculty and Staff Relations Committee under the SG Senate is responsible for maintaining relations between the student body, the faculty, and the staff at UD. The Committee aims to address the concerns of the faculty and staff and keeps them updated on the activity of the Student Government, SPUD, RHA, and the student body in general. The Committee is also responsible for the Appreciation Reception for Faculty and Staff at the end of each semester.

Construction Communication Committee (CCC)
The Construction Communications Committee was created in order to make UD students aware of news and information regarding current construction around campus. This is to help with the safety and the ease of travel of our students. At the moment, the CCC only has communication with DART. In the future we will hopefully have contacts with TexDot and the local construction teams to know about closures, detours and other relevant information. Emails regarding this information will be sent out to the students as it becomes available.

Mascot Committee
"The UD Mascot Committee is aimed toward reinventing the official mascot of the University of Dallas, the Crusader. Upon achieving approval by the university this image will be displayed on flyers, posters, t-shirts, and other university items in attempt to bolster support for the athletes and their respective teams. A secondary, although very important purpose for the committee is the use of the Crusader as a means to unify the student body under one symbol and image that is a representation of us all.
The new image has been approved by the Student Government and the Athletic Director, and has gotten positive feedback from a vast number of students. This project is still in progress as it must still be approved by the athletes - a meeting will take place during the Spring '10 semester in which the mascot will be presented to the athletes.
*This purpose of this committee is not to declare an official trademarked image for the university (e.g. the Longhorn silhouette for UT)"

Internet Improvements Committee
This committee is responsible for fielding technology concerns among the student body.


The Rome Experience: Tracing Western Civilization

During this semester's trip to Greece, UD's Romers toured the ruins of one of history's most famous military engagements -- the Battle of Marathon -- dating back to 490 B.C. The trip marked the first visit to Marathon in decades for the Rome Program. "Our visit there was long overdue," said Peter Hatlie, vice president, dean, director, and professor of classics on the Rome campus.

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UD Welcomes Edward Hadas: Leader in Catholic Social Teaching

In the modern economy, too often our financial system fails drastically, moving from one devastation to another. As part of recent efforts to promote Catholic Social Teaching, UD welcomes Oxford Research Scholar Edward Hadas as he explores the relationships among finance, money, the economy and the human condition. Join us on Monday, Nov. 27, as Hadas presents "Money, Finance and Greed: Solving an Economic Mystery."

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North Texas Faithful Come Together at Dallas Ministry Conference

The 11th annual Dallas Ministry Conference was held Oct. 19 - Oct. 21, 2017, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas. The event featured two keynote addresses, one in English and one in Spanish, as well as 91 other speakers, who included teachers, members of the clergy, lay ministers, authors and motivational speakers, just to name a few.

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