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Constantin, Braniff, and Ministry Refund

Withdrawal Refund Schedule

UD Refund Policy

 All monies due the University by students at the time of withdrawal are due and payable immediately. To obtain a refund of tuition and refundable fees, students must also return their student identity card. No refunds are made on general fees. Resident students must secure clearance from the Office of Student Affairs before a refund is made.

The date used to calculate refunds is that on which students begin the withdrawal process with the Dean, the Registrar's Office or the Office of Financial Aid. Students have 48 hours from the time they initiate the process to acquire all signatures and return the withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office. Certain exceptions to the policies may be approved in specific instances (e.g., when a student is drafted or incurs serious injury or illness). Such matters should be referred to the appropriate Academic Office. Please allow thirty days for processing of refunds.