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Documentation for VA Educational Benefits

If you would like to use educational benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs, you must first register with the Veterans Affairs Coordinator. You will need to submit the following:

  1. A current certificate of eligibility for entitlement to receive the applicable educational assistance (or equivalent proof). The certificate of eligibility must be submitted before the University will certify any courses.
  2. A copy of all DD-214s that you have received (You may request your DD-214 forms here).
  3. If you are on active duty, a copy of your current military identification card.
  4. A copy of all of your post-secondary educational transcripts, including your joint services transcript (You may request your military transcript here). Your post-secondary educational transcripts must be submitted within six months of the start of the first term that you request certification of courses.
  5. Any other information required by the Department of Veterans Affairs.