High School Summer Programs

Turn your summer vacation into an odyssey.

The University of Dallas is all about big ideas and making a big difference in the world.

Our summer programs for high school students let you get in on the action early. Some programs even offer college credit. Travel through Italy studying Shakespeare, Latin or Catholic tradition. Hone your artistic talents. Explore great works of literature and philosophy. No matter which program you choose, we’ll help you prepare for college while learning, having fun and making new friends.

"This is a fantastic program! We toured the Italian countryside, visited the Capitoline & Aventine Hills of Rome, climbed Vesuvius, and visited more beautiful churches than I've ever seen in my life."
"It was an amazing life changing experience and a good balance between traveling, academics, and free time."

2019 Study Abroad Programs

Gelato In Rome

Shakespeare in Italy - July 8-30

Study his most compelling works in his most enchanting Italian settings.

Small Class

Latin in Rome - July 8-30

Deepen your understanding of Latin and the Romans who spoke it.

Rome Catholic Church

Rome and the Catholic Church - July 8-30

Explore truth, goodness and beauty in the very heart of Catholicism.

2019 Texas Programs

Art Village

Arete: An Introduction to the Classics - June 9-22

Encounter the most important ideas from the greatest thinkers in history.

Summer Music Academy

Summer Music Academy - June 10-14

Expand your abilities and develop your potential in strings, piano or voice.

Summer Art Academy

Summer Art Academy - June 10-14

Immerse yourself in the language and techniques of ceramics, printmaking and drawing.

Summer Math Academy

Summer Math Academy - June 9-22

Experience advanced mathematical topics such as combinatorics, number theory and algebra.


First Day in Rome: January 17th, 2016

Our Spring 2016 Romers arrived early in the morning on January 16th and were greeted in Fiumicino Airport by Resident Coordinators Joe Hrbacek and Mike Pitstick, Dr. Peter Hatlie, and two Student Assistants. The students were shuttled by bus to campus and arrived jet-lagged but ecstatic at the first sight of their new home, Due Santi! The students settled in, explored the campus grounds (including a vineyard, pool, pergola, and soccer field!) and began orientation which included meeting their new professors

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