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Because UD is situated on one of the area's highest points, the view from certain vantage points is dominated by Las Colinas and Dallas skylines. At ground level, students enjoy a more serene, heavily-wooded environment.

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Ali Sentmanat, Rome Class of 2013

"The animation of the Core that the Rome semester brings extends, not suspends, your studies. Before Rome, you were a student of the books, but now you are a student of the world."

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Satish AND Yasmin Gupta, UD ALUMNI & SB Hall Benefactors

"The university gave us a foundation of love and respect that has had a lasting impact on us. We hope students will spread their wings the way we did."

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Olympic Hopeful

Olympic Hopeful

An aspiring 2020 Olympian and member of the Class of 2019, New Hampshire native Abigail Wade has been an archer for seven years now. READ MORE

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