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The Braniff Graduate School recalls its disciplines to first principles, serving both to refresh and enrich academic ideas and skills, as well as prepare graduates for a variety of careers.

Dialogue with a vibrant community of distinguished scholars.

Learn from engaging professors, dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom and cultural renewal. Enrich your teaching career alongside fellow educators.

Read the great literary and philosophical texts.

Students, professors and life-long learners are invited to cultivate the life of the mind through the careful reading of the great works that have shaped the Western world.

Choose from one of nine master’s degree programs ranging from fine art to psychology, pursue a Ph.D. in literature, politics or philosophy through the Institute of Philosophic Studies, or gain distinctive preparation in education through our programs for teachers.

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11.21.15 | 9:00 AM - ANALOGY WORKSHOP

The Philosophy Department will be hosting an Analogy Workshop in the Gorman Faculty Lounge. The topic of the morning session will be "Different conceptions concerning language about God" and the topic of the afternoon session will be "Interpretations of Thomistic Analogy."

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