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Class is just the beginning of life at UD. From lectures to sporting events, from art to science, the campus overflows with laughter, camaraderie and inspiration at the beginning of this new school year.

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president thomas s. hibbs, ph.d., ba '82 ma '83

This scholarship, and the occasion of us coming together this afternoon, is a testament to the involvement of this community in the lives of our students but also in the lives of their families. We all come together to nurture and develop the minds and hearts of young people. We come together in times of tragedy to grieve but also to remember. Now, we do our little part to remember and acknowledge this life that impacted so many, the important impact this life had on our university and that this scholarship will have going forward. Thank you for entrusting C.C. to us in the first place, and for allowing us to support students, through this scholarship, to an indefinite time in the future.

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alexandra koch, ba '19, ud's 39th fulbright scholar

Both in Rome and in Irving, much of my formation has come from being a part of the UD community. I have forged friendships that I expect to last a lifetime, grown through my leadership positions on campus, and been so supported and encouraged by my incredible professors. My four years at UD — and studying Aristotle’s Politics — have taught me that a true community exists not simply for the sake of living, but for the sake of living well.”

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Kate Palla

Alumna Applies UD Core, Helps Rural Ugandan Farmers

Kate Palla, BA '10, gets to her office in Gulu, Uganda, by hailing any motorcycle driver who doesn't already have a passenger. "For 15 cents, they'll take you anywhere you want to go," she explained. "It's the least expensive Uber ever." Palla is the director of finance and operations for Cycle Connect, a high-growth asset-finance company based in Uganda. READ MORE

Art Alumna's Vintage Dress Design to Debut on Red Carpet

Dallas-area native and Door Number 9 designer Elisa Choffel Low, BA '03, will have her latest dress design showcased on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 22. The silver open-back vintage-style gown includes a striking chainmail jewelry inset created in collaboration with Toronto jewelry designer Kyra Matsui.

University Welcomes Leading Catholic Intellectual to Campus

On Friday, Sept. 13, the university community welcomed George Weigel, distinguished senior fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the father of two UD alumnae. Celebrated for his two-volume biography of St. John Paul II and many other intellectual contributions, Weigel presented an exploration of the current Catholic situation in light of a new interpretation of the past 250 years of the church's interaction with social, cultural, economic and political modernity.

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09.19.19 | North Texas Giving Day

Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online giving event that gives the University of Dallas opportunities to earn bonus funds and prizes for every dollar raised. Give to the Cor Fund on Sept. 19 so your dollars go further! LEARN MORE

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