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Sarah Berry Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

  • Twentieth-century literature
  • Lyric Poetry
  • Theater and Performance 
  • Modernism
  • Irish Literature


  • B.A. in the University Scholars Program, Baylor University
  • M.A. In English Literature, Boston College
  • Ph.D. in English Literature, University of Connecticut

Recent Courses

  • Literary Tradition I
  • Literary Tradition II
  • Lyric and Dramatic Poetry
  • American Literature

Selected Publications

“Critiquing Lyric on the Radio: Walcott’s Harry Dernier and Plath’s Three Women.” Forthcoming in Twentieth Century Literature.

“Marianne Moore’s Cabinets of Curiosity.” Journal of Modern Literature 41.3 (Summer 2018): 18-37.

“Rethinking Intertitles: The Voice and Temporality of Lyric Intertitles in The Cry of the Children.” Literature Film Quarterly 42.4 (2014): 594-608.