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Faculty Directory

  Name Research Areas Contact
Will Flanagan, Ph.D. Will H. Flanagan, Ph.D.
Affiliated Research Assistant Professor , Physics Department
Experimental High Energy Physics
Haggerty Science Center #12
Sally Hicks, Ph.D. Sally Hicks, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics, Physics Department
Nuclear Structure and Neutron Scattering
On leave
Jacob Moldenhauer, Ph.D. Jacob Moldenhauer, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Associate Professor, Physics Department
Theoretical Cosmology
Haggerty Science Center #40
Richard Olenick, Ph.D. Richard Olenick, Ph.D.
Interim Department Chair, Physics Department
Cataclysmic variable research, exoplanet searches, and physics education
Haggerty Science Center #41
Arthur Sweeney Arthur Sweeney,
Laboratory Manager, Physics Department
Observational Astronomy
Haggerty Science Center #19