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Arthur Sweeney

Areas of Expertise

Instrumentation design
Principle designer of Gunnison Valley 30 inch telescope tube assembly and drive electronics / software
University of Dallas 16-inch telescope software design
University of Dallas astrograph design
Photometric search for extra-solar planets 
Cataclysmic variable observation


B.S. in Physics, University of North Texas

Professional Experience

Senior computer systems and electrical Engineer

Abbott laboratories - designer of clinical chemistry blood and plasma analyzer instruments
Hawk Electronics - Director of technology, design of cellular and in building ancillary communications systems
Johnson Controls - designer of various industrial real-time process control systems
REI -  Principle software architect designer of first all digital, self learning, high speed currency processing system for Federal Reserve
Vought Aerospace - designed heads-up display software compilers, weapons and navigations systems for A-7 fighter aircraft

Research Interests

My lifelong passion has been for astronomy and in particular observational astronomy.  While working as an engineer I was also an active amateur astronomy.  Since joining the Physics Department at the University of Dallas I have been able to pursue this passion through exoplanet searches and observations of cataclysmic variable stars.

I have configured the software operating systems for both the Gunnison Valley Observatory in Gunnison, CO and the University of Dallas Haggerty Observatory.  In working with Dr. Richard Olenick I have provided the experimental expertise and fashioned and constructed the astrographs used in our transit searches.  

I have worked with UD students during summer research opportunities in Colorado, Michigan, and Texas and enjoy guiding them in their experimental work.  My goal to is find new exoplanets that other astronomers will confirm.