Academic Success Office

Welcome to the Academic Success Office at the University of Dallas!  

The Academic Success Office equips students with tools to help them formulate plans, improve study habits, manage their time, establish priorities, and communicate with faculty, staff and their peers more effectively.

You can make an appointment to visit one of our graduate student mentors in Braniff 122 by clicking here, to visit Mr. Josh Skinner in Braniff 114 by clicking here, and to visit Dr. Matthew Spring in Braniff 116 by clicking here.  When you open the appointment page, please make sure you can see your email address in the upper right-hand corner of the appointment page.

We’ll also reach out to you to assist you in overcoming low grades, inconsistent academic performance, or a lack of a clear academic direction.

Services offered include:

  • Supporting students as they transition to UD
  • Helping students transform their time management and organizational skills
  • Assessing students' current study strategies and suggesting refinements to those strategies
  • Providing students with one-on-one advising
  • Enhancing students' awareness of campus resources and events
  • Collaborating with students on graduate and professional school applications