Offices & Services

A directory of resources for students, alumni, faculty and staff

Campus Emergency   972-265-5911

Office   Location Phone Email
Art Gallery Inviting an array of contemporary artists to the university's campus Art History Building, Haggerty Art Village 972-721-5087
Academic Success Office Provides academic and social support for students. Augustine Hall, First Floor 972-721-5056
Admissions Recruiting the best. Haggar University Center, First Floor 972-721-5266
Advancement Giving support for the University. Carpenter Hall, Second Floor 972-721-5134
Advancement Services Gift Processing, Donor Relations, Prospect Research, and Database Programs. Carpenter Hall, Second Floor 972-721-4105
Alumni Relations  Alumni communication, volunteer options and events. Carpenter Hall, Second Floor 972-721-5066
Americans with Disabilities Act  University ADA services Braniff 132A 972-721-5385
Archives & History  University Archives and Historical Data Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library: Lower Level Archives 972-265-5770  
Athletics  University Athletic Programs Ed Maher Athletic Center 972-721-5207
Bookstore Textbooks, Course Materials, Apparel, and Accessories. J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, Main Floor 972-721-5320
Business Office Payroll and accounts payable Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5244  
Business Resource Center Supports the academic operations of the College of Business Faculty SB Hall 972-721-5277
Campus Safety Office Physical security, Clery Act safety and emergency services Haggar Center, First Floor 972-721-5305
Campus Ministry Spiritual, intellectual, and moral development of the UD community. J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, 2nd Floor 972-721-5375
Career Development Career counseling and coaching, internships & job board. Augustine Hall, Room 132 972.721.5131
Chief Financial Officer Office of the University of Dallas CFO. Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5008
Conferences & Events We have several venues available for meetings, social events, and more. J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, Main Floor 972-721-5123
Counseling Center We provide counseling related to all late adolescent and early adulthood issues, college life issues, and psychological issues. J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, 2nd floor    
Development Philanthropic support for the University Carpenter Hall, Advancement Office, 2nd Floor 972-721-5134
Dining Services Real Food on Campus J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, Main Floor 972-721-5190  
Facilities Center Facilities & grounds maintenance, technical repairs, campus special event assistance Facilities Administration Building 972-721-5296
Financial Aid Assisting in paying for college. Carpenter Hall - First Floor 972-721-5266 - Toll Free:1-800-628-6999 - Fax:972-721-5074
Fitness Center & Pool Serving the UD Community. Ed Maher Athletic Center 972-265-5773
General Counsel The Office of General Counsel provides legal services to the University of Dallas and is responsible for safeguarding the University’s legal interests and managing all of its legal affairs. Carpenter Hall, President's Suite, First Floor 972-721-5373
Health Services Health Clinic for UD students. J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center, 2nd Floor 972-721-5322
Housing Creating a vibrant campus environment. Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5323
Human Resources Staffing, benefits, training & employee relations. Carpenter Hall, Second Floor 972-721-5382
Information Technology Systems Email, network, and computer support for UD Gorman Lecture Center, Rooms F & G
Institutional Research Data collection, analysis and reporting Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5744
Institutional Review Board Rights and welfare of human subjects in research Augustine Hall, First Floor 972-721-4071
International Student Services Information on I-20s, housing, international student activities SB Hall, Ste. 100 972-721-5059  
Library Maintain collections, resources for students, alumni, faculty, staff and visitors Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library 972-721-5328
Marketing & Communications University marketing and communications, media relations, print requests and more Carpenter Hall, Advancement Office, Second Floor 972-721-5179
Military & Veteran Services Assisting veteran and families in cooperation with the VA & TVC. 1845 E Northgate Dr., Irving, TX 75014 Undergraduates, Neuhoff School of Ministry & Braniff Graduates
Contact: Sandy Morgan
Fax: 972-721-5132
College of Business
Contact:John McKeown
Fax: 972-721-5132
Notary Services Provides notary services on campus. Multiple Locations on Campus 972-721-5134  
Personal Career Development Career counseling and coaching, internships, job board Augustine Hall, Room 132 972-721-5131
Print Lab Provides students access to printing services. Gorman Lecture Center, Room H (Lower Gorman) 972-721-5156
Printing and Postal Provides Post Office Services J.M. Haggar, Sr. University Center (Lower Level) 972-721-5309
Provost UD's Chief Academic Office Carpenter Hall, President's Suite, First Floor 972-721-5226
Purchasing  Acquisition of materials and services Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5783
Registrar Student Registration Services Braniff Graduate Building, First Floor 972-721-5221
Residence Life Creating a vibrant campus environment. Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5323
Rome & Summer Programs Rome Program and other study opportunities in Irving and Rome. Braniff Graduate Building, Lower Level 972-721-5206
Student Account Services Tuition and fee payments Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5144
Student Activities Educational, cultural, social and recreational programming. Haggar University Center, Main Floor 972-721-5273
Student Affairs  Creating a vibrant campus environment. Carpenter Hall, First Floor 972-721-5323


Dignifying Humanity

Standing on the edge of border America, Diocese of El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz, BA '76, serves a role of vital importance as the pastor of a community divided by the United States-Mexico border. "Recently we have witnessed indefensible, hateful words toward our neighbors in Mexico, the demonization of migrants, and destructive language about our border," Seitz wrote in his July pastoral letter titled "Sorrow and Mourning Flee Away," earning him national attention amid significant upheaval of immigration rights.

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The Rome Experience: Tracing Western Civilization

During this semester's trip to Greece, UD's Romers toured the ruins of one of history's most famous military engagements -- the Battle of Marathon -- dating back to 490 B.C. The trip marked the first visit to Marathon in decades for the Rome Program. "Our visit there was long overdue," said Peter Hatlie, vice president, dean, director, and professor of classics on the Rome campus.

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