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Working in the U.S.

Options for F-1 Students 

The regulations for F-1 students provide for two different work classifications.

  1. "Employment" includes working on-campus (see below) and work permits for off-campus employment in the case of Economic Hardship (see link on the left).
  2. "Practical Training" includes Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Employment - On-campus 

(Please note that there are limited job opportunities on the UD campus.)

WHEN: F-1 students are permitted to work on-campus while they are going to school. New F-1 students may begin on campus work AFTER the academic program begins.

WHERE: On-campus only.  Employers include:

  • The University in general
  • The College of Business
  • Aramark Food Service - Cafeteria and Rathskellar
  • Follett - Bookstore

HOUR LIMITATION: Part-time employment - 20 hours per week or less - is permitted during regular academic terms. Full-time employment - more than 20 hours per week - is permitted during vacations or breaks between terms.


  • You must be enrolled full-time during your regular academic terms - fall and spring for liberal arts students; full-time enrollment terms for GSM students.

Exception: Employment during your final term of study when full-time enrollment is not required is also permitted by regulation, but may be restricted by university policy

  • You must be in good academic standing - not on probation
  • You must be maintaining legal status - obeying all regulations and making normal progress in your program.
  • You must be continuing in your program - on-campus employment is not permitted after you complete your program requirements


  • For general student worker jobs go to the Student Employment Opportunities Job Board maintained by university Human Resources (HR) office.  Please note:  You might have to use a Chrome or Firefox browser to view this list.)   
  • For student worker jobs offered by the College of Business, complete the International Student Worker Application.
  • For jobs with Aramark, go to the Aramark Office in Haggar - down the hall from the University of Dallas Police Office.
  • For jobs with Follett, go to the bookstore in Haggar.