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Student Disability Services

The University of Dallas is committed to
respecting the dignity of each person.

St. John Paul II explained that “human beings, independently of the conditions in which they live or of what they are able to express, have a unique dignity and a special value from the very beginning of their life until the moment of natural death.” But the recognition of the dignity of each person cannot remain simply a slogan. “People with disabilities,” for example, “must be enabled to participate in social life as far as they can, and helped to fulfill all their physical, psychological and spiritual potential.” Efforts to assist the disabled, moreover, must consider the needs of the individual. “Indeed, justice calls for continual and loving attention to the lives of others and a response to the special and different needs of every individual, taking into consideration his or her abilities and limitations.”

Requesting Accommodations

In order to facilitate the participation of students with disabilities in the life of the community, and in accordance with University policy and state and federal regulations, the University makes available reasonable accommodations that provide students with disabilities meaningful access to the benefits provided by the University.

Step 1: Students requesting accommodations should submit their request through our online Accommodation Request Form, which will forward their request to the Student Disability Services Coordinator. Anyone who has a question or concern regarding, or would like help with, the Accommodation Request Form should contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator.

Inelda Acosta Ed.D., pHCLE
Director of the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX
Direct: 972-721-5056
Facsimile: 972-265-5712
Haggar Student Center, First Floor 253
1845 E. Northgate Dr.
Irving, TX 75062

Step 2: Requests for accommodation should be supported by appropriate supporting documentation. The Student Disability Services Committee has developed guidelines and verification forms for some specific disabilities and accommodation requests in order to assist students to gather the required documentation. The supporting documentation should be submitted to the Student Disability Services Coordinator, who will refer the request and documentation to the Student Disability Services Committee.

Step 3: Once submitted, the SDS Committee will review the request to determine if the student has a qualifying condition under applicable law and policy and, if so, what reasonable accommodations should be authorized. The Student Disability Services Coordinator will notify the student of the Committee's decision and provide the student with a letter authorizing the student to use the accommodations.

Additional information regarding the accommodation review process may be found in the Accommodation Procedures.

Disability Accommodations in High School and College

While the ADA and Section 504 apply at both the high school and college levels, they do not apply in exactly the same manner. The United States Department of Education has provided a helpful guide for students that explains some of the important differences between the way disability accommodations apply in the high school and college environments. That guide is available online: Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education

Disability Accommodations for Non-Students

If you are a visitor to the University of Dallas seeking a disability accommodation, you can find more information at Accessibility Services. If you are an employee of the University, please contact Human Resources.

Requesting Use of the Testing Center

Students who have been granted a testing accommodation that necessitates a proctor should submit their request for a specific test to be proctored through our online Proctor Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, please see our frequently asked questions.

Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited

As part of its implementation of its commitment to the dignity of disabled students, and in compliance with applicable laws, the University of Dallas does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of disability in its application and admission processes, educational programs and activities, or university facilities. The University takes active measures to prevent such conduct and immediately investigates and takes remedial action when appropriate. The University also prohibits and takes actions to prevent retaliation against individuals who report or file a complaint of disability discrimination or harassment, participate in an investigation, or oppose any form of disability discrimination or harassment.

Any student who believes that he or she has experienced or has observed discrimination or harassment, or a failure to provide reasonable accommodations, at the University of Dallas should notify the Director of the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX, Inelda Acosta Ed.D., pHCLE (972-721-5056; The Director assists in an informal resolution of the complaint or guides the complainant to the appropriate individual or process for resolving the complaint. Complaints may also be submitted anonymously using the online reporting form posted at and, or by calling toll-free to the University’s Compliance Reporting Hotline at (888) 317-8072.