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Student Affairs

UD Rome offers students the perfect setting for serious learning, true fellowship and meaningful personal reflection and spiritual growth.

With the support of faculty and staff, students enjoy the benefits of an intense academic program as well as the pleasure of getting to know each other in the secure and supportive surrounding. The student life staff strives to promote the health, safety, good conduct and academic achievement of all students participating in the Rome program. 

Health services, discipline, student life events, athletics, administrative, academic and program trip assistance are all supported by the Student Affairs Office and its staff, under the direction of the Senior Director. Further information can be found in the Rome Student Handbook.

Student Affairs Activities

Extracurricular Activities

The Rome Semester hosts numerous on-campus social occasions that are linked with important dates on the semester's calendar, including the program opening and closing ceremonies, and events leading up to our major academic trips to Greece and Northern Italy. During their first week on campus students participate in a Rome or Castelli Romani tour intended to acquaint them with local culture and cuisine. The "G(r)eek Olympics" is an afternoon-long athletic and theatrical fest launching the Greece trip. Students, professors and staff join together to harvest grapes in the vineyard every fall. And many other such events take place throughout the semester, including a talent show, live music events, Forno BBQ dinners, and the traditional intramural soccer tournament.

Health Services

The Student Affairs Office provides information and assistance to students regarding a range of health resources in the Rome area. These resources include:

  • an Italian MD whose office is located conveniently close to the campus 
  • an English speaking Italian general practitioner who visits campus several scheduled times during the semester to provide generic medical care, free of charge to the students
  • English speaking Italian general practitioners who can make "house calls" to Campus as needed at student expense
  • an American psychologist with a studio in Rome who offers free counseling sessions to students several times during the semester
  • numerous medical specialists in both the campus area and the center of Rome, all within reach by public transportation or taxi.

In the rare event of a health emergency, UD Rome calls on its long-standing relationship with several local hospitals, notably the Salvator Mundi Hospital and the Rome American Hospital. Both institutions have English-speaking and US trained medical professionals on staff.


There are a limited number of positions available for students who wish to make a little extra money while in Rome. These are assigned and supervised by the student-life staff, but are governed by work study awards at the University of Dallas in Irving. During the first week of each semester there is an organizational meeting in order to make a final determination about eligibility, interview students for particular assignments and fix working hours.

Learning about Italian Life

One of the greatest aspirations of UD Rome is to help students learn about and ultimately assimilate into daily routines of Italian life. With this in mind, the student life staff sponsors regular off-campus events during the course of the semester, including walking tours, site and museum visits. In addition, they maintain a Information Pad (IPAD) in the student lounge, where special notices about gallery openings, museums, art exhibits, free concerts and optional tours can be found.

Campus Visitors & Guest Accommodations

Approximately 150 guests visit the Rome Campus every year. These include trustees, alumni, Irving faculty and staff members, clergy, friends and family of current students, and prospective students. Guest accommodations are available on a limited basis for visiting alumni, faculty, staff and parents. Please call or email us ahead of time to make an appointment if you plan on visiting.