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University Policies

UD Policies

A broad range of policies guide and govern the activities of the members of the University community.  Policies connect the University mission to the everyday actions of the University community and clarify the University’s expectations for its individual members.  University policies mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiencies and support the University’s compliance with laws and regulations.  Policies of the University are intended to support a safe, respectful and ethical learning, living and work environment in compliance with the University’s mission and values and applicable Federal, state and local laws.

I. Governance

  1. University Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

II. Administration

  1. Signature Authority and Delegation Policy
  2. Reservation and Delegation of Authority Policy
  3. Executive Authority in the Absence of the President Policy
  4. Trustee Communication Policy

III. Human Resources

  1. Employee Handbook

IV. Faculty Affairs

  1. Faculty Handbook

V. Student Affairs

  1. Student Handbook
  2. FERPA
  3. Veteran's Affairs Policy

VI. Intellectual Property

VII. Advancement

  1. Grants and Sponsored Projects Policy
  2. Gift Acceptance Policy

VIII. Fiscal Management

  1. Independent Contractor
  2. Use and Collection of Social Security Numbers
  3. Records Retention Policy

IX. Facilities and Real Estate

X. Campus Administration and Security

  1. Weapons on Campus
  2. Approved Driver Policy
  3. Tailgating on University Property
  4. Security of Alumni Data

XI.  Information Technology

  1. Policy Page

XII. Rome Campus

  1. Student Handbook

XIII. Office of Institutional Effectiveness

  1. Pursuant to Title IV, the Higher Education Act of 1965, and 34 C.F.R, Section 668.43, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness has published public disclosures regarding all Professional and Academic Programs leading to licensure here: Office of Institutional Effectiveness. The University of Dallas Licensure Disclosure Policy is also found on this site. 

XIV. Consumer Information

  1. Pursuant to 34 C.F.R, Section 668.43, the University of Dallas lists required consumer information here: Consumer Information.

XV. Civil Rights

Civil Rights Policies

  1. CRP. Civil Rights Anchor Policy
  2. CRT. Relevant Terms
  3. CRR. Protocol for Reporting
  4. CRS. Supportive Measures
  5. CRI. Protocol for Responding

Civil Rights Implementation Procedures

  1. CRP-A. Disability Accommodations
  2. CRT-D. Coordinators and Officers
  3. CRR-D. Reporter Designations
  4. CRI-I. Investigation of Formal Complaints
  5. CRI-D. Disciplinary Process
  6. CRI-S. Sanctioning Ranges
  7. CRI-R. Informal Resolution Process

The Office of General Counsel coordinates the editing, review, issuance and archiving of University policy.  This Policy Website is intended to ensure that the University community has ready access to well-articulated and understandable University policies. New content will be added and updated as approved. While this webpage is intended to include all significant University policies, the formal adoption of policy is a new and developing process.    There may be applicable University policies that are not listed or linked through this webpage.  Individuals should inquire with appropriate University offices and departments about specific policies that may apply to specific activities.  The absence of an applicable policy from this webpage does not excuse a member of the University community from compliance with University policy.  Individual colleges and departments may have standards and guidelines, all of which must be consistent with University-wide policies.


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