Sigma Iota Epsilon

Sigma Iota Epsilon

Sigma Iota Epsilon

Sigma Zeta Chapter

Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE) is the student division of the Academy of Management and is an honorary and professional management fraternity. The Award-Winning Sigma Zeta Chapter (2019-2020 Chapter of the Year) seeks to create a culture of professional comradery and a network of support that reaches University of Dallas students across the world.

Students are eligible for SIE membership upon completion of six graduate credit hours from the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business, with an overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher (with no academic honesty violations). The six hours cannot be from transferred hours.

The purpose of SIE is to:

  • Recognize student achievements in the field of management.
  • Facilitate discussion of contemporary management topics.
  • Provide interaction among students, faculty, alumni and professional managers.

In addition to providing recognition and interaction among students and faculty, SIE members also receive a certificate, lapel pin (which may be worn on your gown at graduation) and a digital badge as a symbol of their achievement. Upon graduating, SIE members may order a gold stole to wear over their robe, which contains the SIE emblem and indicates their achievements as an outstanding student.

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Our Symbol


The Greek letters in our name stand for Spoude, Idreia, and Exoche - earnestness, knowledge, and excellence. Our symbol, the Sigma Iota Epsilon key, reminds us of the wisdom and practicality signified by the concepts of creative development, organization, cooperation, and service.

Our 2023 - 2024 Leadership Team:


Annette Bolding


Vice President

Joanne Wang


VP of Alumni Relations



VP of Events



VP of Operations

Peter Eldridge


VP of Marketing & Communications



Gupta COB Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dale Fodness,
Gupta COB SIE Administrative Support: Sheri Collier,


Dr. Keith Davis Graduate Scholarship Winners from Sigma Zeta Chapter

Pauline Akatsa-Hinga
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2019-2020 Academic Year
Second Place - $750

Matthew Sargent
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2019-2020 Academic Year
Second Place - $750

David Rogers
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2017-2018 Academic Year
Honorable Mention - $750

David Rogers
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2016-2017 Academic Year
Second Place - $1,000

David Rogers
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2015-2016 Academic Year
First Place - $1,500

Niki Kissinger
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2015-2016 Academic Year
Third Place - $500

Heather Whitaker
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2013-2014 Academic Year
First Place - $1,500

Todd S. Heinsch 
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2012-2013 Academic Year
Runner-up - $500

Santhosh Vengattery
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2012-2013 Academic Year
Runner-up - $250 

Robert Bishara
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2011-2012 Academic Year
2nd place - $750

Temitope Ogunbona
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2011-2012 Academic Year
3rd place - $500

Jeanette Chawdhury
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2010-2011 Academic Year
2nd place - $750

Pamela Bataillon
Sigma Zeta Chapter, UD
2003-2004 Academic Year
1st place - $1250

Sigma Iota Epsilon, Sigma Zeta Chapter Past Presidents

2021 (summer 2021, fall 2021) Jennifer Howard                                                             

2020 (summer 2020 and spring 2021) Andrew Uffman                                                  

2020 (spring 2020) Maria Falomir                                                                                

2019 (fall 2019) Michael Mugo

2019 (summer 2019) Shilpa Narwani

2018 (fall 2018 and spring 2019) Vikas Bohra

2018 (spring and summer) Sharon Hernandez

2017 (summer and fall) Zachary Fountain-Metz

2017 (April-May) Brian Shelburne and 2017 (spring) Jessica Hornsby

2016 (summer) and 2016 (fall) Anna Drozdowski

2015 (fall) and 2016 (spring) Ruchir Rahul

2014 and 2015 (spring and summer) George Gilchrist

2012 (fall) and 2013 Kiki Gao

2012 Ebay Hampton 

2011 Kris Chenothuparambil

2011 Randall Harvill

2011 Ryan Olson

2010 James Gilman

2010 Jim Martin

2008-10 Wiley Brooks-Martin

2007-08 Sean Fitzpatrick

2006-07 Thelma Franco

2005-06 Christopher Earle

2005 Sandra Hill

2004 Kelley Williams

2004 TeRon Lawrence

2004 Michelle Gilmartin

2003 Daniel Haswell

2003 Peter Weidenbruch

2003 Don Nelson, Jr

2002-03 Jay Halpin

2002 Allen Perkins

2001 SIE inactive

2000 Maya Malas

1999 Beth Hawkins

1998 James Talkington

1997 Terry Devine

1995-96 Jim Reed

1994 Katharine McMahon

1993 Jeffrey S. Milne

Interim years unavailable

1988-89 OR 1989-90 John Klickman

Interim years unavailable

1986 John Schneider

Interim years unavailable

1971 G.P. Cain