Fruits of Sabbatical

Fruits of Sabbatical


Please join the Center for Teaching and Learning as the university community celebrates the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty returning from sabbatical. The Fruits of Sabbatical series usually occurs on the Reading day of the semester in which the event is held. The talks are approximately 15 minutes each followed by Q&A with wine, cheese, and hors d'oeuvres. A formal invitation with titles is typically sent in the last half of the semester. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience so that we can get appropriate room space/seats and refreshments.

Mark Petersen - "Reconnecting to My Research: Studying Inter-American Connections in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" 

Scott Wysong - "Teaching with the Case Method in the World of AI" 

Josh Parens - "Leo Strauss and Seth Benardete on political philosophy and Socrates's forms"  

Bernadette Waterman Ward - "The Professor Who Couldn't Say No"

Lance Simmons - "Conditionals"

Andrew Osborn - "Good Sabbatical AY23: Riding & Writing Eastward"

Jacob Moldenhauer -- "Wolfgang Rindler, n_TOF, backpacking, CTL, and lessons learned from my first sabbatical"

Dr. Laura Munoz - "Trust me, we will keep you happy! How can companies promote the usage of digital assistants"

Dr. Rich Miller - "Socially Responsible Practices in Supply Chain Management"

Dr. Jason Lewallen - "Bridging the 20th and 17th Centuries with Blaise Pascal"

Dr. Dennis Sepper - "Changing Minds with Descartes "

Faculty Presenters: Cynthia Nielsen, Dennis Sepper, Robert Walsh, and Stefan Novinski.